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Featured E-Resource
Le Grand Ricci online -- Grand dictionnaire Ricci de la langue chinoise

China encyclopedic resources online
Provides one-stop access to important reference works on China

Featured Digital Collection
Phoenix Hours, Bound, France. Owned by Marie Gaillard. Calendar end of May, beginning of June; monthly occupation and sign of the zodiac.

Digital Scriptorium
Selected medieval and early Renaissance manuscript collections from many U.S. institutions, including over 1,500 manuscripts from Columbia University Libraries, host of the collection from 2007-10 and a collaborator since 1997. Columbia's contributions showcase the variety of our distinctive collections.

Featured Online Exhibition
Villa Falconieri?, wall surmounted by columns in wooded area. Frascati, Italy.

Charles A. Platt's Italian Garden Photographs
In 1892, Platt and his brother, William, traveled to Italy to view Renaissance villas and gardens. Many of Platt's photographs illustrate his Italian Gardens; others remain unpublished. The glass plate negatives are held in the Charles A. Platt Collection in Avery's Drawings & Archives.