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Featured E-Resource
The Nixon years, 1969-1974

The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Covers Richard Nixon's entire presidential term from a British, European and Commonwealth perspective.

Featured Digital Collection
From an article,  "Instructing Women," about the Plimpton Collection's volumes on conduct for women

Columbia Library Columns
A digitized collection of the journal published by Columbia University Libraries from 1951 to 1996, including contributions from faculty, University adminstrators, writers, historians and collectors, as well as Columbia librarians.  

Featured Online Exhibition
Portrait of Alexander Gumby

"The Unwritten History": Alexander Gumby's African America
Explore the efforts of Alexander Gumby, an influential Harlem Renaissance figure, to create a documentary history of African-American achievement in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, compiling a scrapbook collection of approximately 300 volumes.