The Oral History Revue: Three Staged Oral History Performances, Alfred Lerner Hall Black Box Theater


Susan Banyas and David Ornette Cherry, freelance arists
Slash Coleman, artist
Gregory Ramos, University of Vermont


The Oral History Revue: Three Staged Oral History Performances, Alfred Lerner Hall Black Box Theater:

  • The Hillsboro Story (Banyas, Ornette)
  • The Neon Man and Me (Coleman)
  • Border Stories (Ramos)

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The Oral History Review: Three Staged Oral History Performances, Alfred Lerner Hall Black Box Theater

A Note from the Master of Ceremonies

Welcome to The Oral History Revue. We are pleased to offer you the chance this evening to see oral history-based performances staged in a supportive theatrical setting. By allying our presentation’s title with the United States oral history community’s journal of record, The Oral History Review, we are making a conscious tactical move to encourage recognition of this staged format as a form of valid and valuable creative research inquiry. The three works presented were curated by the conference program committee to offer you a cross-section of performance genres using movement, word and sound; each work incorporates all three elements but emphasizes one aspect in particular. We are also pleased to present artists and works from a variety of geographic regions, from Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Texas. Enjoy and let us know your responses on the feedback evaluation in your registration packets.

About the Authors

Susan Banyas is a writer, performance artist, teacher, and mother who has worked for 30 years to weave stories and images from everyday life into art -- monologues, essays, dance-theater, and currently a non-fiction book, The Hillsboro Story. Her performance work, "No Strangers Here Today," was recently produced at LaMaMa E.T.C. following engagements in LA and Portland, Oregon.

David Ornette Cherry is a jazz and world music composer, raised in the vibrant music landscapes of Watts, NYC, and on the road with his father, the late trumpeter, Don Cherry. His evocative sound scores are featured in "No Strangers Here Today" and will be forthcoming in Terry Wolverton's opera theater work titled "Embers." His recently released "Organic Roots" and "Ensemble for Improvisers" (review in current issue of JAZZIZ)are available at

Slash Coleman is an award winning playwright, storyteller, artist, educator, surfer, and musician. He is best known for his one-man show, The Neon Man and Me, which will debut as a PBS special on stations in 2008. Slash studied writing and jazz piano at Radford University, Middlesex University in London, and at Columbia College in Chicago where he received his Master’s Degree. For more visit

Gregory Ramos began his professional career as a dancer and has performed in the U.S. and Europe. He completed his MFA in playwriting at UCLA and has directed at various venues around the country. He is currently an assistant professor at The University of Vermont where he teaches directing and theatre diversity.