Lehman Social Sciences Library Reserves Services

Location: 300 International Affairs
Telephone: (212) 854-3547
E-mail: lehman_reserves@library.columbia.edu

Reserves Policies

Materials placed on reserves may be requested at the circulation desk. Anyone with access privileges to the Library may check out reserves materials for Library use.

Reserves items must be returned to the reserves desk or the book drop at Lehman Library.

Loan Period

Reserves materials circulate for 2-hour intervals before 6 pm, Monday - Thursday.

  • After 6 pm Monday - Thursday, regular reserves items circulate overnight and are due at 10 am the following day.
  • After 3 pm Friday and all weekend hours, regular reserves items are due Monday at 10 am.
  • Last copies circulate for 2-hour intervals until two hours before library closing, when they circulate overnight.  Overnight loans are due back one hour after opening the following day.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines for reserves items are $1.00 per hour or part thereof to a maximum of $50.00. If an item is not returned and the library considers it lost, standard replacement ($70.00) and processing ($30.00) fees will be added to the fines. If the costs to replace the item exceed $100, individuals will be charged the actual replacement cost, in addition to any related overdue fines.