How do I learn more about the multimedia collections (film, video, sound recordings, etc.) at Columbia Libraries?


How do I learn more about the multimedia collections (film, video, sound recordings, etc.) at Columbia Libraries?


The multimedia collections at Columbia Libraries are searchable through CLIO.  For circulation and access policies, Ask A Librarian or contact the reference desk for the respective collection.

The largest multi-media collections are held in Butler Library and Barnard Media Center. On-site viewing is available at both locations.

Butler Media Services

Request and pick up films at the Reserves Desk in Butler 208. Viewing stations are located in Butler 401 (the Periodicals & Microform Reading Room) and support the playback of multiple visual and audio formats.

Priority is given to patrons viewing course-related films.

  • The collection consists of feature films, documentaries, ethnographic films, and performing arts titles.
  • For a complete description of the Center and Media Collections, see the Butler Media Collections and Usage Policies page.

Barnard Media Services, Lehman Hall, third floor

  • Provides equipment for playback in multiple visual formats.
  • The collection contains over 6,000 videos and DVDs; and over 11,000 CDs, audiotapes, and records.
  • The archival video collection contains a selection of performances and lectures at Barnard dating back to 1974, and is not searchable through CLIO.  The archival video collection list is available at the Media Services desk.
  • See the Barnard Media Services page for a complete description of hours, collection, information, and access and loan policies.

Music & Arts Library, 701 Dodge Hall

  • The collection’s holdings include 20,000 sound and video recordings in multiple formats.
  • Most audio and video recordings can be checked out for two weeks by students, faculty and staff.
  • Provides equipment for playback in multiple audio and visual formats.
  • For questions about searching for audio and music video recordings, please contact us.
  • See the E-music link at the bottom of this page for information on online audio databases available through the Libraries.

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