What is a VPN? Do I have access to the CUIT VPN service?


What is a VPN? Do I have access to the CUIT VPN service?


Cisco VPN Client software enables you to create a secure connection, a Virtual Private Network, over the Internet, and lets off-campus faculty and staff access administrative applications normally available only on campus.

It is needed to access FFE, AP/CAR and other financial applications on the mainframe from remote locations.

There are currently no plans to extend this service to the rest of the Columbia Community, however, Columbia University will be providing secure WiFi in the near future. An informative article that examines security issues related to both VPN’s and secure WiFi may be found here.

Download and installation of the Cisco VPN Client software is permitted to faculty and staff of Columbia University.

If you have trouble establishing a VPN connection, take a look at these solutions to common problems. Your problem may be something you can solve yourself.

If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, do one of the following: