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What names are chiseled on the façade of Butler Library?


What names are chiseled on the façade of Butler Library?


North side, left to right:
Homer - Herodotus - Sophocles - Plato - Aristotle - Demosthenes - Cicero - Vergil

West side, left to right:
Horace - Tacitus - St. Augustine - St. Thomas Aquinas - Dante

East side, left to right:
Cervantes - Shakespeare - Milton - Voltaire - Goethe

The panels under the large front windows are inscribed with the names of 24 American statesmen and authors:
George Washington - Benjamin Franklin - John Adams - Thomas Jefferson - Alexander Hamilton - John Jay - James Madison - John Marshall - John Quincy Adams - Henry Clay - Daniel Webster - Abraham Lincoln Jonathan Edwards - Washington Irving - James Fenimore Cooper - William Cullen Bryant - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Nathaniel Hawthorne - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Edgar Allan Poe - Henry David Thoreau - Herman Melville - Walt Whitman - Mark Twain

The names were selected by President Nicholas Murray Butler.

Source: Robson, John William. A Guide to Columbia University with Some Account of Its History and Traditions. New York: Columbia University Press, 1937. p. 101, 103.