How long can I borrow off-site serials from ReCAP?


How long can I borrow off-site serials from ReCAP?


The official loan period for serials from ReCAP is one week. There are a few exceptions:

  • Avery Library and Rare Book & Manuscript Library serials from ReCAP are for use in the library only
  • Starr East Asian Library serials from ReCAP circulate for two weeks

Columbia University Libraries encourages the use of ReCAP's electronic article-delivery services. These services deliver articles onto patrons' desktops quickly and efficiently, and is available to users who have borrowing privileges. Loaning physical volumes for long periods reduces the effectiveness of electronic article-delivery services.

Faculty members with specific needs or special reasons for borrowing or renewing a serial for a longer loan period can request an exception on a case by case basis from local access supervisors or librarians.

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