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Columbia University’s Libraries Online Catalog (CLIO) is a primary tool for locating D&A materials.  Collection-level records for most (but not all) of our holdings can be found by searching CLIO.  Additionally, CLIO contains project-level records for some of D&A’s most important collections.  For tips on finding archival material through CLIO see the Archives and Manuscript Help Page.


A core resource for locating research material in D&A is the finding aid.  A finding aid is a descriptive document created to help patrons find research materials.  These guides describe the contents of a collection in more detail, usually by box and folder title, or by building project.  For many of our collections, electronic finding aids in Encoded Archival Description (EAD), Excel files, and PDF formats are available through associated CLIO records.  For some collections, only a paper finding aid is available for use in the D&A reading room.


This helpful discovery tool allows patrons to keyword search across collections held at D&A and the various other Columbia University archival repositories. The portal provides access to descriptions and finding aids for more than 300 archival collections in D&A.  Additionally, the portal allows patrons to browse collections by creator, title, and subject.


For some individual projects or items, as well as some small groups of items for which there is no major collection holding, access is through traditional library cards. This card catalog is located on the 200-level of Avery Library.  D&A also maintains a copy of the archival card catalog for use in the D&A reading room.


Portions of collections may be available as they are processed. Please check with Drawings & Archives staff for information about the status and availability of these collections.



Aalto, Alvar, 1898-1976. (Alvar Aalto/IIE Kaufmann Conference Center)

Abbott, Merkt & Company.

Abramovitz, Max, 1908-2004.

Abrams, Ruth, 1912-1986.

  • Access: In process

Adams and Prentice.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Adams & Woodbridge.

AIA National Housing Committee, David F.M. Todd papers on.

Aldrich, Chester Holmes, 1871-1940.

Almirall, Raymond F.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Allen & Collens.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Andrew Alpern Collection of Drawing Instruments.

Ant Farm.

Alpern, Andrew / HOLDOUTS! Reference Files

Amemya, Yosei.

  • Access: Card catalog

American, English, and European architecture study prints.

Andrews, Alfred J.

Andrews, Wayne.

Architects' Emergency Committee, Great Georgian Houses.

  • Access: Card catalog

Arnaud, Leopold, 1895-1984.

Arnold, C. D. (Charles Dudley)

Atterbury, Grosvenor, 1869-1956.

Atterbury, Grosvenor, 1869-1956. Keyser House Correspondence.

Augenfeld, Felix, 1893-1984.

Avery, Henry Ogden, 1852-1890.

Avery Library. Centennial Drawings Archive.

Avery Library. Miscellaneous collection.

  • Access: Archival card catalog


Bach, Richard Franz, 1887-1968.

Bacon, Francis Henry, 1856-1940.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Bacon, Henry, 1866-1924.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Bailey and Bassett.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Ballard, William.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Barber, Donn, 1871-1925.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Barry, Charles, 1795-1860.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Behrendt, Walter Curt, 1884-1945.

Benco Company Collection.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Benjamin, Park, 1849-1922.

Bien, Robert L. Study photographs.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Bien, Sylvan & Robert L.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Blake, Peter, 1920-2006.

Bloch & Hesse.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Bloodgood & Bloodgood.

  • Access: In process

Bluemner, Oscar, 1867-1938.

Boak & Raad

Annice Alt research material on Boak & Paris / Boak & Raad

Boell, Alfred.

Bollack, Françoise Astorg.

Bond, J. Max, Jr.

Boring, William Alciphron, 1859-1937.

Born, Ernest, 1898-1992.

Bottomley, William L., 1883-1951.

Breines, Simon.

Brennan and Sloan.

Brendel, Otto, 1901-1973.

Bryant & Gilman.

Bucholtz, Jeffrey, 1957-1990.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Bunshaft, Gordon, 1909-1990.

Burnham, Alan, 1913-1984.

Butler, Lawrence.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Byrne, Francis Barry, 1883-1967.


Cady, Josiah Cleveland, 1837-1919.

Cain, Walker O., 1915-1993.

Candela, Félix, 1910-1997.


Carrère & Hastings. (John M. Carrère and Thomas Hastings)

Casey, Edward Pearce, 1864-1940.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Catherwood, Frederick.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Cautley, Marjorie Sewell.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Cavaglieri, Giorgio, 1911-2007.

Centennial Photographic Co.

Chambers, William, Sir, 1723-1796.

Chandler, Charles Frederick, 1836-1920.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Checkman, Louis, 1914-2004.

Chermayeff, Serge, 1900-1996.

China Study Group on Environmental Issues.

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer. (Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue)

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

City Construction Co.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Coalition for a Livable West Side (NYC).

  • Access: In process

Coalition to Save City & Suburban Housing (NYC).

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Cobb, Henry Ives, 1859-1931.

Codman, Ogden, 1863-1951.

Coles, Kenneth.

Collins, George Rosenborough, 1917-1993.

Colquhoun, Alan, 1921-2013

Columbia University, Architectural Drawings.

Columbia University, Dept. of Facilities.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper inventories of this material by accession number.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Centennial (1881-1991) Archive.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. General Records.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Historic Preservation, Documentation I Class Research.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Student Drawings.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Urban Design Program.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Wednesday Lectures Series.

  • Access: Paper finding aid in chronological order

Committee for the Preservation of the National Capitol.

Comper, John Ninian, Sir, 1864-1960.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Conklin & Rossant.

Conrad, Theodore, 1910-1994.

Convent of the Sacred Heart / C. P. H. Gilbert ; Warren & Wetmore

Corbett, Harvey Wiley, 1873-1949.

Le Corbusier, 1887-1965.

Cornelius, Charles Over, 1890-1937.

Cox, Kenyon, 1856-1919.

  • Access: CLIO; Item-level finding aid

Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson.

Cret, Paul Philippe, 1876-1945.

Croff, G. B. (Gilbert Bostwick)

Cserna, George.


Daggett, L. Jeannette.

Daly, César, 1811-1893.

Dana, Richard H. (Henry), 1879-1933.

Darden, Douglas, b. 1951.

David, Ismar.

Davis, Alexander Jackson, 1803-1892.

De Ris, George.

Delano & Aldrich.

Delano, William Adams, 1874-1960.

Delehanty, Bradley.

DeLemos & Cordes.

Detwiller, C. H. (C. H. Detwiller Columbia 1885 Collection)

Dewey (F.H.) & Co.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Dieterlen, Charles.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Dinsmoor, William Bell, b. 1886.

Doman, James R., Jr., 1937-2012.

Dorsett, Clyde H.

Douglass, Lathrop.

Drawings for Womens Hospital.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Dudley, Henry, b. 1812.

  • Access: In process

Duncan, John H. (John Hemingway), 1855-1929.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid


Eidlitz, Leopold, 1823-1908.

Empire State Building archive.

Embury, Aymar, 1880-1966.

Emslie, Olive.

Evans, Moore & Woodbridge.

Eyre, Wilson, 1858-1944.


Feder, Abe, 1909-1997.

Feiss, Carl, 1907-1997.

Fellheimer & Wagner.

Felt, James, 1903-1971.

Ferri, Roger C., 1948-1992.

  • Access: In process.

Ferriss, Hugh, 1889-1962.

Firestein, Cecily Barth.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Fischer, Sigurd, 1887-1981.

Fisher, Ernest M. / Institute for Urban Land Use and Housing Studies.

  • Access: CLIO; Electronic inventory.

Fitch, James Marston.

Flagg, Ernest, 1857-1947.

Flanagan, Albert E., 1884-1969.

Ford, Butler & Oliver.

Foster, Willliam.

  • Access: In process

Fowler, Edward.

  • Access: In process

Freedlander, Joseph H.

Adriana Kleiman Research Papers on Frank Freeman.

Frost, Frederick G., 1876-1966
Frederick G. Frost, Jr., 1907-1991
Frost & Associates.


Gehron, William, 1887-1958.

Geller, Abraham W., 1912-1995.

Gendell, David S., 1839-1925.

Gilbert, Cass, 1859-1934.

Gilbert, C. P. H. (Charles Pierrepont H.), 1861-1952.

Ginsbern, Horace.

Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor, 1869-1924.

Goodman, Percival, 1904?-1989.

Goodman, Percival, 1904?-1989. / Rothschild Residence

Gordon, Max, 1931-1990.

Gottlieb, Ferdinand.

Gottscho, Samuel H., (Samuel Herman), 1875-1971.

Greene & Greene.

Gribben, William Matthew.

Grierson, Peter C. (1864-1949)

Griffin, Walter Burley, 1876-1937.
Griffin, Marion Mahony, 1871-1962.

Grossi, Olindo.

Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company/George Collins.
Guastavino, Rafael, 1842-1908.

Guastavino, Rafael, 1872-1950.

Gugler, Eric, 1889-1974.

Guimard, Hector, 1867-1942.

Gupte, G.S.

Gutheim, Frederick, 1908-1993.

Gutman, Robert, 1926-2007.

Gvosdeff, Nicholas.

  • Access: In process


Haight, Charles Coolidge, 1841-1917.

Haines Lundberg Waehle.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Halle, Roger.

Halpern, John, b. 1918.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hamlin, A. D. F. (Alfred Dwight Foster), 1855-1926.

Hamlin, Talbot, 1889-1958.

Hand, Charles.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Harriman, Charles Alonzo, d. 1930.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Harris, Cyril M., b. 1917.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Harrison, Henry G.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Harrison, Wallace K. (Wallace Kirkman), 1895-1981.

Haskell, Douglas Putnam, 1899-1979.

Haus Cramer. (Muthesius, Hermann, 1861-1927)

Herdeg, Klaus.

Herts & Tallant (firm).

  • Access: Paper finding aid

High Lawn Estate (Delano & Aldrich / John C. Greenleaf)

Hindley, William J., 1899-1979.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940.

Hitchcock, Henry Russell, 1903-1987.

Holden, Arthur Cort, b. 1890.

Hood, Raymond Mathewson, 1881-1934.

Hoppin & Koen.

Horch, Louis L. and Nettie S.

Hornbostel, Henry, 1867-1961.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Howard & Frenaye.

  • Access: In process

Howe, George, 1886-1955.

Howells and Stokes.

Howells, John Mead.

Howells, William W.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hutton, Addison, 1834-1916.


Index of American Design.

  • Access: Paper finding aid


Jacobs, Harry Allan.

Jacobs, Robert Allan.

Jaffe, Norman.

Jennings, Arthur Bates, 1849-1927.

Johansen, John MacLane, b. 1916.

Johnson, Philip, 1906-2005.

Johnson, Thomas Robert.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Joint Advisory Committee on Planning and Development of the United Nations Headquarters.

Josselyn, Edgar Alonzo (1861-1943) / Society of Beaux-Arts Architects

Junior League of the City of New York.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid.


Kahn & Jacobs.

Kahn, Ely Jacques, 1884-1972.  

The Keppel Collection of Prints.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Keppel-Nanteuil. (Seventeenth century engravings by Robert Nanteuil, presented by Mrs. Frederick Paul Keppel)

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Kidder Smith, George Everard.

Kimball, Francis H. / Kimball & Wisedell. Casino Theatre, New York, N.Y.

Klaber, Eugene H. (Klaber & Grunsfeld)

Kley, Maurice.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Kliment Halsband Architects.

Kobbe, Herman, b. 1884.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Kochan, Irene.

  • Access: In process

Konopka, Joseph.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Krieg, Frederick.


La Farge, John, 1835-1910.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Lafever, Minard.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lafreri’s Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae.

  • Access: Paper finding aid ; Individual prints and sets of prints are described in CLIO and may be found by searching "Lafréry, Antoine, 1512-1577" as the author

Lahey, George.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lamb, Charles Rollinson, 1860-1942.

Lamb, Thos W. (Thomas White), 1871-1942.

Landau, Sarah Bradford, 1935-

Langmann, Otto.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lapidus, Morris, 1902-2001.

Lawrie, Lee.

  • Access: In process


  • Access: In process

Legacies of a Radical Era Exhibition.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lenygon, Francis Henry, 1877-1943.
Lenygon, Jeannette Becker, 1878-1977.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid for first gift; second gift in process

Lescaze, William, 1896-1969.

Lessman, Jac, 1904-1990.

Levi, Julian Clarence, 1874-1971.

Levy, Joseph.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Library buildings collection.

Lienau, Detlef.

  • Access: CLIO; paper finding aid

Lincoln Square Community Council.

  • Access: CLIO; in process.

Lincoln Square Urban Renewal Project photographs.

  • Access: CLIO; in process.

Lippmann, Herbert.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Litchfield, Electus D. (Electus Darwin), 1872-1952.

Loeffler, Jane C., 1947-

Londino Stone Company.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Long, Birch Burdette.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Lord, Chip.

Love, Paul.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lowell, Guy, 1870-1927. / Natirar Estate

Luetke, Oscar, 1852-1937.


McClure, Joan, 1914-2005.

MacKenzie, James C. (James Cameron), 1887-1963.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

McKim, Mead & White.

McNamara, John J., d. 1988.

Magonigle, Harold Van Buren, 1867-1935.

Major, Howard, 1882-1974.

Mako, Laura.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Manhattan Railway Company.

Masbach Hardware Store (New York, NY).

  • Access: In process

Matsui, Yasuo, d. 1956.

Matthews, Brander, 1852-1929 / Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum.

Mayer, Albert, b. 1897.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Mayers, Murray & Phillip.

Meigs, Montogmery C., 1816-1892.

Merrill, Leslie O. (Collection of Greek Revival in Syracuse)

Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig, 1886-1969.

Miller, William B.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Minton, Henry Anthony.

Molitor, Joseph W., 1907-1996.

Montgomery, Max A.

Morgan Family.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Morgan, Keith N.

Morris, Alletta Nathalie Lorillard Bailey, 1887-1935.

Morris, Benjamin W. (Benjamin Wistar), 1870-1944.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Moskovitz, Benjamin.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Muller, Theodor

  • Access: In process

Murphy, Mortimer J.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Murray, J. M.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Muschenheim, William, 1902-1990.

Muthesius, Hermann, 1861-1927.


Nauheim, Melville.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Nazeing Park. (William Palmer, d. 1821)

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Nelson, Paul C., 1895-1979.

Neumann, Alfred, 1900-1968.

Neutra, Richard Joseph, 1892-1970.

Neutra, Richard Joseph. (Jan de Graaff Residence)

Neutra, Richard Joseph. (Edgar J. Kaufmann Desert House)

  • Access: In process

New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company. (NYATCC)

New York Chamber of Commerce Building, 65 Liberty Street, NYC.

New York State Capitol at Albany.

Nielsen, W. C.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Nineteenth-Century International Photographs, circa 1870-1900.


Office of the Avery Librarian, Elmslie and Purcell Correspondence.

Olanoff, Gerald B., d. 1995.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Oppenheimer, Herbert B. (Brand).


Page, William E.

  • Access: Paper finding aid


  • Access: Archival card catalog

Paris, William Franklin.
Paris & Wiley.

  • Access: In process

Parks Council (New York, N.Y.)

Patterson, Lydia, d. 2002.

Pedersen, William F., 1908-1990.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Peisch, Mark L.

Pepper, Eleanor, 1904-1997.

Pfeiffer, Carl, 1834-1888.

  • Access: In process

Pippin, Paul W. T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Placzek, Adolf K.

  • Access: In process

Platt, Charles Adams, 1861-1933.

Platt, Charles Adams, 1861-1933. / Gwinn Estate

Platt, William, 1897-1984.
Platt, Geoffrey, 1905-1985.

Platt, Wyckoff & Coles

Plunz, Richard.

Pokorny, Jan Hird.

Pollard, Calvin, 1797-1850.

Pope, John Russell, 1874-1937.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Potter, Edwin Tuckerman, 1831-1904.

Price, Chester Boyce, 1885-1962.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Proskauer, Henry G., 1915-2006.



Rabineau, Eli, 1914-1991.

Rambusch Company.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid in process

Reed, Henry Hope.

Renwick, James, 1792-1863.
Renwick, James, 1818-1895.

Selma Rattner Research Papers on James Renwick.

Resnick, Aaron.

Riemer, Hebert W., 1927-2009.

Rogers, James Gamble.

Rose Associates, Inc.

Rosenberg, Louis.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Rossant, James S., b. 1928.

Roth, Emery, 1871-1948.

Emery Roth & Sons.

Christopher Gray Research Materials on Emery Roth/Emery Roth & Sons.

Rothstein, Arthur, 1915-1985.

Rouse & Goldstone.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid for archival material

Rudolph, Paul, 1918-1997.

Russell, James S.

Russell, William Hamilton, 1854-1907.


Saarinen, Eero. Student drawings, Yale University.

Saarinen, Eero / Eero Saarinen and Associates. Trans World Airlines Unit Terminal Building, New York International Airport.

Sandlass, Henry L.

  • Access: Finding aid

Sawyer, Philip, 1868-1949.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Schindler, Rudolph M., 1887-1953.

Schladermundt, Hermann T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Schmidt, Mott B., 1889-1977.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid


  • Access: Archival card catalog

Schneider, Karl, 1892-1977.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Schreier, Curtis.


  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Shannon, Palmer.

Shreve, Lamb & Harmon.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Lever House.

Skidmore, S. T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Smith, G. E. Kidder (George Everard Kidder), 1913-1997.

Smith, Lucian E., 1877-1969.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Sobotka, Walter, 1889-1972.

Sole, George.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Snow, Richard.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Spanish Children's Drawings of the Civil War.

Stebbins collection of Japanese prints.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Steese, Edward, 1902-1981.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Stern, Robert A. M., b. 1939.

Stevens, John Calvin, 1856-1940.

Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. (The Craftsman Architects, NYC)

Stokes, Isaac Newton Phelps, 1867-1944. (Howells and Stokes)

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Stoughton, Charles W., 1871-1945.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Sturgis, Russell, 1836-1909.

Sullivan, Louis, 1856-1924.

Sutcliffe, Arthur T.


Tachau, William Gabriel.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Tafel, Edgar, 1919-2005.

Teall, Gardner C. / Whistleriana

Team X.

Thomson, T. Kennard, 1864-1952.

Thompson, Martin E., 1789-1877.

Todd, David Fenton Michie, 1915-2008.

Katherine C. Moore Research Materials on Trowbridge & Livingston.

Tudor, Evan J.


Upjohn, Hobart B., 1876-1949.

Upjohn, Richard, 1802-1878.
Upjohn, Richard Michell, 1828-1903.

Uris Brothers.
Percy Uris (1899-1971) and Harold D. Uris (1905-1982).

  • Access to this collection is restricted; for more information, please consult the collection overview.


Van Derpool, James Grote, 1903-1979.

Vaux, Calvert, 1824-1895. (William Alex Research Papers on Calvert Vaux)

Vegezzi, John. O.

  • Access: CLIO ; Archival card catalog

Vertical file.


Wadley & Smythe.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wagner, Otto, 1841-1918.

  • Access: CLIO and Archival card catalog

Walker & Gillette.

  • Access: In process

Ware, Arthur.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Ware, Isaac, d. 1776.

Ware, William R. (William Robert), 1832-1915.

Warner, Charles H.

Warren, Russell, 1783-1860.

Warren & Wetmore.

Wank Adams Slavin Associates.


  • Access: Paper finding aid

Weiner, Stuart A.

Welch, Alexander McMillan.

White, Stanford, 1853-1906.

David Lowe Publication Papers on Stanford White's New York.

Will, Edwin R.

Williams, Edgar I., 1884-1974

Williams, Lessing.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Willis, Frank.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Windram, John.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Withers, Frederick Clarke, 1828-1901.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Wood, Edith Elmer, 1871-1945.

Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene, 1867-1940.

Woodbridge, Frederick J. (Frederick James), 1900-1974.

Woodlawn Cemetery.

Woods, Shadrach, 1923-1973.

Woodward, George E. (George Evertson), 1829-1905.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Woolf, S. J. (Samuel Johnson), 1880-1948.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives

Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright/Fallingwater Collection.

Frank Lloyd Wright/Miscellanea

Frank Lloyd Wright/New Theater for Hartford, CT.

Wright, Henry N., 1878-1936. (Photographic Collection of 20th-Century Housing)

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wright, Henry N., Jr., 1910-. (Solar House Project)

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wylie, Matthew.

  • Access: Archival card catalog



York & Sawyer.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Yorke, Francis W. B. (Walter Bagnall), 1879-1957.

Youngling, Henry.


Zerbe, Jerome, b. 1904.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Zucker, Paul, 1889-1971.

  • Access: Archival card catalog