Missionary Research Library Collection

An outcome of the World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh, 1910, the MRL was founded in 1914 by John R. Mott in connection with the Foreign Missions Conference of North America. In 1929 the MRL was housed in the Brown Memorial Tower of Union Theological Seminary, its Board of Trustees composed of FMC-NA (later DOM-NCCCUSA) and UTS members. In 1967 its unique collections, heritage of Ecumenical Protestantism, were transferred into the care of the UTS Library.

The MRL contains collections of named missionaries' papers and institutional records within geographic divisions:

Note: Archival collections listed below which link to PDF Finding Aids of their contents may be accessed by researchers.
Any other archival collections without these links are awaiting processing, and are not yet accessible. 
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Series 1. Africa

Series 2. Near/Middle East

Series 3. South Asia

Series 4. Southeast Asia

Series 5. East Asia

Series 6. China

James Whitford Bashford Diaries, 1905 - 1918
Miner Searle Bates Papers, 1927-1984
Charles Luther Boynton Papers, 1807-1976
Margaret H. Brown Papers, [194?] - [196?]
Mark W. Brown Papers, 1908 - 1965
Catholic University Art Department, Peiping, China, 1937
China Continuation Committee Records, 1912-1922
China Information Committee Records, 1937-1939
China Planning Committee Records, 1944-1945
Christian Evangelistic and Religious Educational Posters and Christian Scrolls and Bible Verses, [1930?-1949?]
Conference on American Relations with China, 1925
Hunter Corbett and Harold F. Smith Papers, 1862-1948
Earl Herbert Cressy Papers, 1918-1960
John Horton and Helen Daniels Papers, 1919-1956
Samuel Dodd Papers, 1861-1958
Douglas Newton Forman Papers, 1930-1949
Alice Browne Frame Papers, 1905 - 1971
General: Lantern Slides [192?]
Paul Goodman Hayes Papers, [1940-1960?]
Isaac Taylor Headland Papers, [1900?] - 1939
Higher Education Institutions in China Records, 1905-1957
Edward Hicks Hume Papers, 1914 - 1957
Timothy Tingfang Lew Papers, 1907-1961
Edwin Carlyle Lobenstine Album, 1935
David Willard Lyon Papers, 1904-1950
Harold Shepard Matthew Papers, 1967
National Christian Council of China Records, 1919-1950
Phonetic Promotion Committee Records, 1919-1930
Nestorian Tablet copy [1937?]
George M. Newell Papers, 1905-1960
Loren E. Noren Papers, 1962
David Washington Cincinnatus Olyphant Papers, 1827-1851
Frank Joseph Rawlinson Papers, 1924-1937
Nathan Sites Papers, 1861-1899
William Edward Smith Diaries, 1897-1936
Student Evangelism in Government Universities Records, 1938-1947
Elwood G. and Donald G. Tewksbury Papers, 1872-1959
Matilda Calder Thurston Papers, 1902-1958
United China Relief Records, 1943-1949
Abbe Livingston Warnshuis Papers, 1877 - 1963
Joseph Whiteside Diaries, 1899 - 1929
Matthew Tyson Yates Papers, 1878

Series 7. Japan

Series 8. Korea

Series 9. Latin America

Series 10. North America

Series 11. Australia & Oceania

Series 12. Ecumenical/World Mission