Locations of Atlases in Butler Reference: Listing by Subject


Author Title Date Location
  The atlas of archaeology 1982 Alcove 20
Manley, John The atlas of past worlds 1993 Alcove 20
  Past worlds: The Times atlas of archaeology 1988 Shelf 37
Whitehouse, David Archaeological atlas of the world 1975 Alcove 20
  The world atlas of archaeology 1985 Shelf 37


Author Title Date Location
Moore, Patrick Atlas of the universe 1970 Top


Author Title Date Location
  Oxford economic atlas of the world 1972 Shelf 35
Rand McNally and Co. Commercial atlas and marketing guide   Top
Thomas, Alan Third world atlas 1994 Alcove 20


Author Title Date Location
Loftas, Tony The atlas of the earth 1972 Top
  Times atlas and encyclopedia of the sea 1989 Shelf 73


Author Title Date Location
Ströhl, Hugo Heraldischer Atlas 1899 Shelf 42


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Author Title Date Location
  Atlas for the Great War 1986 Shelf 17
  Atlas of classical history 1985 Alcove 20
  Atlas of modern world history 1989 Alcove 20
  Atlas of the Greek and Roman world in antiquity 1981 Shelf 65
Beinart, Haim Atlas of medieval Jewish history 1992 Alcove 20
Chaliand, Gerard The Penguin atlas of diasporas 1995 Alcove 20
  Chronological atlas of World War II 1989 Shelf 17
Cornell, Tim Atlas of the Roman world 1982 Alcove 20
Fox, Edward Whiting Atlas of European history 1957 Alcove 20
George, Hereford Brooke Genealogical tables illustrative of modern history 1916 Shelf 48
Gilbert, Martin Atlas of the Holocaust 1993 Alcove 20
Grant, Michael Ancient history atlas. 5th ed 1994 Alcove 20
  Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschichte 1982 Desk
  Grosser Historischer Weltatlas
v.1: Vorgeschichte und Alterum
v.2: Mittelalter
v.3: Neuzeit
v.4: Neueste Zeit
1971-95 Shelf 48
  Grosser Historischer Weltatlas
v.1: Vorgeschichte und Alterum
v.2: Mittelalter
1970-72 Shelf 48
Habib, Irfan An atlas of the Mughal Empire 1982 Shelf 4
  Harper atlas of world history 1987 Desk
Heyden, A.A.M. van der Atlas of the classical world 1959 Shelf 40
  Historical atlas of the Holocaust 1996 Alcove 20
  Historical atlas of the Muslim peoples 1957 Desk
Martin Greenwald Associates Historical maps on file 1984 Alcove 5
Mas-Latrie, Louis de, Comte Trésor de chronologie d'histoire de la geographie 1889 Shelf 49
Matthew, Donald Atlas of medieval Europe 1983 Alcove 20
Meer, Frederik van der Atlas of Western civilization 1960 Shelf 49
Morison, M Time tables of modern history, a.d.400-1870 1901 Shelf 50
Muir, Ramsay Historical atlas: ancient, medieval and modern 1963 Desk
_____. Putnam's historical atlas, medieval and modern 1927 Shelf 49
Natkiel, Richard Weidenfeld atlas of maritime history 1986 Alcove 20
Peters, Arno Synchronoptische Weltgeschichte. 2v 1965-70 Shelf 43
  Philip's atlas of modern history 1964 Alcove 20
Ptolemaeus, Claudius Geographia 1883- 1901 Shelf 50
  Rand McNally atlas of world history 1992 Desk
Riechert, Rolf An historical and regional atlas of the Arabic world 1969 Alcove 20
Riley-Smith, Jonathan Atlas of the Crusades 1991 Alcove 20
Robinson, Francis Atlas of the Islamic world since 1500 1982 Alcove 20
Shepherd, William Robert Historical atlas. 8th ed. 1956 Alcove 20
_____. _____. 9th ed. 1964 Desk, Storage
  The Times atlas of European history 1994 Alcove 20
  The Times atlas of the 20th century 1996 Alcove 20
  The Times atlas of world history. 4th ed. 1993 Desk shelf
Toynbee, Arnold J. Historical atlas and gazetteer 1959 Alcove 20
Vries, Sjoerd de An atlas of world history 1965 Alcove 20


Author Title Date Location
  Atlas lingùistico de México. 3v. 1990 Shelf 46, 47
  The computer developed linguistic atlas of England. v.1 1991 Shelf 73
Drexel, Albert Atlas linguisticus 1934 Shelf 22
  Kleiner deutscher Sprachatlas 1984- Shelf 24
Kurath, Hans Linguistic atlas of New England
v.1: pts. 1 and 2
v.2: pts. 1 and 2
v.3: pts. 1 and 2

Shelf 21
Shelf 22
Shelf 23
Shelf 21
_____ A word geography of the eastern United States 1949 Alcove 20
  The language and culture atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry. v.1-2 1992-94 Shelf 44
  The language atlas of South Africa 1990 Shelf 74
  Linguistic atlas of England 1978 Shelf 53
McIntosh, Angus A linguistic atlas of late medieval English. 4v. and guide 1986 Shelf35
Upton, Clive Word maps: a dialect atlas of England 1987 Alcove 20


Author Title Date Location
Bartholomew, John G. A literary and historical atlas of Africa and Australia 1914 Alcove 20
_____. A literary and historical atlas of Asia n.d. Alcove 20
_____. A literary and historical atlas of Europe 1936 Alcove 20
  Le Grand atlas des litterature 1990 Shelf 8



Author Title Date Location
  Atlas for the Great War 1986 Shelf 17
Banks, Arthur Military atlas of the First World War 1989 Alcove 20
_____. A world atlas of military history
v.1: to 1500; v.3: 1861-1945; v.4: 1945-1984<.td>
1973- 1945-1984 Alcove 20
Britt, Albert S Atlas for the wars of Napoleon 1986 Shelf 17
Glibert, Martin The Arab-Israeli conflict; its history in maps 1976 Alcove 20
Goodenough, Simon War maps: World War II 1982 Alcove 20
Messenger, Charles World War II: chronological atlas 1989 Alcove 20
Riley-Smith, Jonathan Atlas of the Crusades 1991 Alcove 20
  The Times atlas of the Second World War 1989 Shelf 17
U.S. War Dept. Official atlas of the Civil War 1958 Shelf 33
United States Military Academy. Dept. of History Campaign atlas to the Second World War: Europe and the Mediterranean 1980 Shelf 32
_____. The West Point atlas of American wars
v.1: 1689-1900
v.2: 1900-1953
1959- Shelf 32


Author Title Date Location
Aharoni, Yohanan The Macmillan Bible atlas 1968 Alcove 20
  Atlas of the Christian church 1987 Alcove 20
  Atlas zur Kirchengeschichte 1970 Alcove 20
Bahat, Dan The illustrated atlas of Jerusalem 1990 Alcove 20
Beitzel, Barry J The Moody atlas of Bible lands 1985 Alcove 20
China Continuation Committee The Christian occupation of China 1922 Shelf 22
Emmerich, Heinrich Atlas hierarchicus 1968 Shelf 27
al-Faruqi, Isma'il Ragi A The cultural atlas of Islam 1986 Alcove 20
_____. Historical atlas of the religions of the world 1974 Alcove 20
Gaustad, Edwin Scott Historical atlas of religion in America 1976 Alcove 20
  Le Grand atlas des religions 1990 Shelf 8
Grollenberg, Luc H Atlas of the Bible 1956 Shelf 71
Halvorson, Peter Atlas of religious change in America, 1952-1971 1978 Alcove 20
  Harper atlas of the Bible 1987 Desk shelf
Hazard, Harry Atlas of Islamic history 1951 Shelf 62
Heussi, Karl Atlas zur kirchengeschichte 1905 Alcove 20
  An historical atlas of Islam 1981 Desk shelf
  Historical atlas of the Muslim peoples 1957 Desk
Kraeling, Emil G Rand McNally Bible atlas 1956 Alcove 20
Laor, Eran Maps of the Holy Land 1986 Alcove 20
  Oxford Bible atlas 1984 Alcove 20
  Reader's Digest atlas of the Bible 1981 Alcove 20
Rogerson, John New atlas of the Bible 1985 Alcove 20
Smith, George Adam Atlas of the historical geography of the Holy Land 1915 Shelf 52
  The Times atlas of the Bible 1987 Shelf 63
Waintraub, Eva Hebrew maps of the Holy Land 1992 Alcove 20
Wright, George Ernest The Westminister historical atlas to the Bible 1956 Shelf 52