Managing University Records

The University Archives plans, develops, implements, and coordinates a records management and information program for institutional records in both analog and digital formats. The scope of the program is primarily focused on records related to the academic administration of the University. The Records Manager helps offices assess their existing records and record-types for retention and disposition, provides education and advice about proper records management and compliance with the records policy, and works with University Archives staff to transfer records of enduring value to the Archives, where they will be processed and opened to researchers.

  • General Records Guidelines
    These guidelines serve as an introduction to records management and as a guide to existing policies and resources available on campus. These guidelines apply both to paper and electronic records.
  • Managing eFiles
    Most users are familiar with organizing file folders and filing cabinets in the paper world. Managing electronic records presents some different challenges. We have complied a list of best practices on how to organize electronic files in shared drives (folder systems), how to name files (naming conventions), and how to manage works in progress (version control).
  • Website Preservation
    As more and more publications go online, certain material is now only published on the University's website. Websites are university documents. Here is some information on how to create sites for preservation, how we archive website and how you can help in these preservation efforts.
  • Record Packing Tips
    Not all records need to be kept readily available at all times. When files become less active and are only accessed sporadically, these records can be kept in storage areas or sent to offsite storage. Here are some tips on how to pack your records for storage.
  • Transferring Digital Records to the University Archives
    Here are some strategies on how to prepare your records when you are ready to transfer records of enduring historical value to the University Archives.