Ashley Jester

Data Services Coordinator

About Me

“I’m here to help with all steps of the research process, from identifying and finding appropriate data sources to setting up analytical models to interpreting the results of data analysis.  I have expertise in several statistical software programs and can give advice on research design and methodology.”

@Columbia since 2012


Political science, international relations, economics, political economy, organizational behavior, international institutions, comparative politics, public policy, research methodology, statistical analysis


B.A., Political Science, University of Rochester
Ph.D., Political Science, Stanford University

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Recommended Resources

A portal to U.S. government data, with the ability to browse available datasets and a powerful search engine that allows users to filter data by topic, agency, or category.

Collection of ejournals, primary source materials, and ebooks, with a particular emphasis on social science subjects and disciplines.

The United Nation’s main data portal, with options for browsing databases supplied by UN agencies and affiliates as well as the ability to search available data. This is a great resource for global data on development, food security, personal security, and climate.

A key international financial regulatory agency, the Bank for International Settlements writes international banking regulations and collects data on international financial transactions, with particularly useful data on central banks.

Columbia University’s digital repository where Columbia affiliates can deposit their papers, datasets, supplementary research materials, and other scholarly products. The repository is open access so all members of the public can search and access its materials.