Presentation Practice Rooms


There is one Presentation Practice Room (327.1) available at this time.

The room is equipped with a 52” LCD panel, a digital video camera (fixed in place), a media podium with a computer workstation, a DVD recorder (patrons must bring their own DVD) and a microphone.

Please observe the following policies when using this room.


  • The purpose of this room is for groups or individuals to practice a presentation for class. This is not a group study room.
  • Priority use will go to students.
  • This room may not be used for regularly scheduled classes or for TA office hours.
  • If your library record is blocked from checking out materials, you will not be allowed to check out a room.
  • Lehman Library’s food and drink policies apply: no food, drinks in spill-proof containers only.
  • The group is financially responsible for any damages resulting from abuse or neglect.

To Use the Presentation Practice Room

  1. Make a reservation.
    • Use the online reservation system.  Slots can be reserved up to 2 hours in advance; details about the process and policies are listed at the reservation site.
    • Slots are by half hour increments to a maximum of 2 hours.
    • Walk-in use that meets the room’s use-policy is allowed.
    • Walk-in users must sign-in at the circulation desk.
  2. Pick up the key at the circulation desk.
    • Like other library material, the key is checked out on your library account.
    • Be prompt as reservations will be forfeited if the key has not been picked up within 15 minutes of the start time for your reservation.
  3. When you first enter the room check that it is clean and immediately report any problems with the room or equipment.  Staff can assist you with the use of the equipment. Ask for help at the service desk in the CUIT lab.
  4. When you are finished:
    • Leave the room clean
    • Lock the door
    • Return the key to the circulation desk. If the key is returned late or lost, fees will be assessed.