Large Format Scanner

The DSSC has a Colortrac 5480e scanner which has been acquired for digitizing maps and other large-format single sheet material. 

Drop Off material at Lehman's CIRCULATION DESK.

Requests must be accompanied with a completed Scan Request Form.
If incomplete, materials can be returned not scanned.

Read the policy on use of the scanner and the technical specifications
before making a request for scanning.

If you have any questions please send an email to

Scanning Use Policy

Only trained staff are allowed to use the scanner and scanning work station.

Only current Columbia University affiliates are allowed to request scanned documents.

A limit of three documents per person can be left with the Library for scanning.

Only materials that are either student work or are owned by the Libraries can be scanned.

We attempt to complete requests within 3 working days, however there are no guarantees on turnaround; priority is given to maps.

The scanner is to be used solely for materials that are either student work or items retrieved from the Libraries' collection.

Staff who do the scanning will assess the materials to ensure the requirements for scanning are met. If the requirements are not met the material will be returned without being scanned.

Prompt pick up of scanned materials is expected as there is limited storage space.

Technical specifications for materials to be scanned

Materials must be single sheet (no bound volumes) with a maximum width of 54 inches and a minimum size of 12" x 18" (refer below for what choices patrons have for scanning smaller items).

The scanner can handle documents with a thickness up to 12mm including items mounted on rigid foamboard, cardboard, or plastic. Laminated items should scan without problems. Very thin tissue-like paper cannot be a scanned unless mounted on poster board with all edges secure.

Except for commercial printed materials, documents must be sprayed with fixative.

Materials need to be in good condition particularly the edges. If materials are too brittle, crumpled, torn, or contain materials that can damage the scanner, staff can refuse to scan the item(s).

Persons requesting a scan must provide any materials and do any work necessary to prepare the document for scanning.


Scanning is a mechanical process. The library is not responsible for any damage or loss to materials that might occur during the scanning process or during the time items are held by the library.

Note: Small scale scanners are available at these locations: