McCune-Reischauer Romanization System

Korean materials in the C.V. Starr East Asian library are cataloged in CLIO, in romanized form as well as in Korean scripts. It is, however, important to understand how to romanize Korean scripts, because CLIO does not allow for input and display of Korean scripts at this time. CLIO is the primary means of access to the library collections, and you will need to use correct romanization to retrieve materials.

Korean materials are romanized using the McCune-Reischauer system as defined by the Library of Congress. The McCune-Reischauer system, based on pronunciation, is quite different from the system developed by the Korean Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The following resources are useful for your better understanding how to romanize Korean using the McCune-Reischauer system:

  • ALA-LC romanization table for Korean
  • Choe Tae-yong, "Hangul matchumpop kanghae"  Seoul: Sungsil Taehakkyo Chulpanbu, 1989. PL917.C43 1989
  • Romanization table from UCLA East Asian Library
  • "Tables of the McCune-Reischauer system for the romanization of Korean" Seoul, Korea, 1961. PL911.T3 1961g

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