The Gambia: Online News & the Internet

  • All Africa.Com: Recent News Summaries on Gambia (AllAfrica Global Media, Washington, DC)
    News summaries are based mostly on The Independent (Banjul), Daily Observer (Banjul), The Point (Banjul), the United Nations, Pan African News Agency (PANA), and other sources. Warning: the searchable archive for articles older than 30 days is only available through subscription.
  • Daily news. (Online) -- [Banjul, The Gambia]: Daily News, 2009-
    The electronic version of a Gambian daily newspaper and an archive of news stories since November 2009.
  • Daily observer. (Online) -- Banjul: The Gambia, 2007-
    The online version of an English language daily newspaper from Banjul; with a searchable archive of back issue articles from August 2007.
  • Foroyaa. (Online) -- Serrekunda, The Gambia: Foroyaa, 2007-
    An electronic newspaper with current news from The Gambia and an archive of selected articles since July 2007.
  • Freedom newspaper (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
    A Gambian diaspora, "independent" news site, often critical of the current Yahya Jammeh regime.
    --See especially: Breaking News ; and, Diaspora News.
  • Gambian Daily News -- Bantaba in Cyberspace -- The Gambia: NEXTSITE, Inc., in cooperation with Commit Enterprises, Ltd. -- via Momodou Camara, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Current news reports are, in fact, links to AllAfrica.Com; plus links to several electronic newspapers, including: Daily News, Daily Observer, Foroyaa, and The Point. The site also includes a forum for Gambians--"Bantaba in Cyberspace".
  • Gambia echo, The. (Online) -- Raleigh, North Carolina: The Gambia Echo Newspaper LLC, 2006-
    Selected news and commentary on Gambian and West African current affairs.
  • The Gambia journal (2011)--Archive. (GRTS International, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)
    A news portal web site on Gambian current affairs, with selected news from the Gambian press, news analyses and commentary, and general information on The Gambia. The site also offered The Gambia Journal Confidential, an online magazine accessible only with a membership/subscription.
  • Jollofnews (via London, UK)
    A web site launched in January 2010 to offer selected news on The Gambia and Senegal in English.
  • Point, The. (Online) -- Banjul, The Gambia: The Point Newspaper, 2005-
    The online version of the week day newspaper, with an archive of selected back news stories organized under topics since August 2005.
  • QuantumNET (Banjul, The Gambia)
    Internet services in The Gambia and news of the day (including GRTS TV News Headlines; plus highlights from back issues of Gambian newspapers, etc.).
  • Republic of the Gambia: Office of The Gambian President -- State House Online (Banjul, The Gambia)
    The official site for current government news and information.
  • Senegambia News (Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA)
    This site produced by Gambian journalists based in the United States offers current and recent news from and about The Gambia and Senegal in English, with analysis and commentary.