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General Web Pages

The Internet: ICT Development & Web Search Engines

  • Africa ICT Policy Monitor (APC--Association for Progressive Communications, Melville, South Africa ; Nairobi, Kenya)
    This site offers extensive information on all ICT and development policy-related issues for Africa; plus news and some country-level statistics.
  • African Internet Connectivity: Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs), Telecommunications, Internet and Computer Infrastructure in Africa. (Mike Jensen, Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
    Detailed country reports (with clickable maps) on Internet service providers (ISPs), and telecommunications infrastructure development in Africa; plus links on conferences and related web sites and projects.
  • Ananzi: South Africa Search Engine (South Africa)
    General searching.
  • Bridges.Org (Cape Town and Durbanville, South Africa and Washington, DC)
    A clearingshouse website for applied technology issues and the 'digital divide'. "'s mission is to help people in developing countries and underserved communities use focusing attention on the policy issues...bringing people in developing countries and underserved communities into technology policy discussions...assisting in efforts to develop sound legal and regulatory frameworks...serving as an information clearinghouse..."
  • CATIA--Catlysing Access to ICTs in Africa (Bedfordview, South Africa)
    This site offers reports and links to ICT workshops and other initiatives in Africa. "[The] programme aims to enable poor people in Africa to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and to act as a strong catalyst for reform. It will support a package of strategic activities to improve affordable access to the full range of ICTs, from Internet to community radio. CATIA is a three-year programme of the Department for International Development (DFID) in close collaboration with other donors and role players (e.g. Sida, IDRC, CIDA, USAID and Cisco). It will be implemented in close coordination with the Canadian government's Connectivity Africa initiative."
  • DISSAnet--Development of Information Science in South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa)
    The web site features general information about the project and an online library of DISSAnet, SCECSAL, and WWW application conference proceedings---downloadable in PDF format, and a bibliography of references.
  • IAFRICA.COM: Internet Search Engine and Services in Southern Africa (South Africa)
    South Africa and Namibia directories and internet access.
  • International Development Research Centre, Acacia Initiative: South Africa (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
    Brief reports on ICT development projects and programs, some with links to project websites.
  • Internet Service Providers Association, South Africa
  • Mapping ICT access in South Africa by Kholadi Thlabela et al. (February 2007) -- Cape Town, South Africa: Human Sciences Research Council, 2007. (Download 88 page book in PDF format)
  • Research ICT Africa! -- The researcher's network (Link Centre, Graduate School of Public and Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
    News and research reports on ICTs in Africa; plus related links. "...seeks to provide the research base needed to support continental and international initiatives to reduce the digital divide. This will include examining the broad nexus of social, economic, developmental and policy issues surrounding information and communications technologies, including ICT infrastructure development, policy and regulation."
    -- Towards an African e-Index: SME e-Access and Usage in 14 African Countries (2006) PDF format
    (The countries covered include Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.)
  • SchoolNet Africa: African Education Knowledge Warehouse (Dakar, Senegal; Johannesburg, South Africa)
    The website includes information on ICTs and computers in schools, reports on ICTs & education in Africa, programs, conferences & workshops, etc. "[Founded in 1999] SchoolNet Africa is one of Africa's first African-led, African-based non-government organisations (NGO) that operates across the continent in its endeavour to improve education access, quality and efficiency through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in African schools."
  • South Africa: Department of Communications (Pretoria, South Africa)
  • SAIDE: The South African Institute for Distance Education (South Africa)
    Information about programs and an archive of news and ideas for projects. "The South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE) was formed as an educational trust in June, 1992, with an explicit brief to assist in the reconstruction of education and training in South Africa by promoting open learning principles and the use of approaches and methods of quality distance education."
  • University of Cape Town: Centre for Educational Technology (Cape Town, South Africa)
    This site offers news on projects and e-learning initiatives at the university and elsewhere in South Africa; plus reports and links.