Zimbabwe: Online News & the Internet

  • Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Bill (March 15, 2002) -- plus June 2003 Amendment (via Kubatana--The NGO Network Alliance Project, Harare, Zimbabwe) Word document or PDF.
  • All Africa.Com: Recent News Summaries on Zimbabwe (AllAfrica Global Media, Washington, DC)
    Current news from various African news agencies, including The Financial Gazette, The Insider (Harare business monthly), the Pan African News Agency, UN agencies, and other services on Zimbabwe; plus links to regional news. Warning: the searchable archive for articles older than 30 days is only available through subscription.
  • The Chronicle. (Online) -- Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Newspapers Ltd., 2001-
    The electronic version of the current issue of this pro-government newspaper, with local, national, and international news; no back issues. Note: the link may be very slow.
  • Committee to Protect Journalists on Zimbabwe (New York)
  • Crisis in Zimbabwe--News & Commentaries, 2017 --and--Elections, 2008-13
  • The Financial Gazette. (Online) -- Harare, Zimbabwe : The Gazette, 1997-.
    This site offers the online version of the independent Zimbabwe financial weekly: current issue and an archive of selected back issues since 2003 only.
  • The Herald. (Online) -- Harare: The Herald, 1998-
    Current issue and a small archive of back issues.
  • IRIN--Integrated Regional Information Networks on Zimbabwe (See below)
  • Mail & Guardian. (Online): Zimbabwe--Current News (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • "The Media and Zimbabwe" Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture. (Online), November 2005 (University of Westminster, London, UK)
  • Media Institute of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe Chapter (Harare, Zimbabwe; Windhoek, Namibia)
  • Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe (Harare)
    "MMPZ is an independent trust that works to promote responsible journalism in Zimbabwe. This is achieved through monitoring and analysis of news and current affairs on radio, television and the print media." The site includes reports on 2008 elections coverage and subsequent news up to the present.
  • Le Monde Diplomatique Archives: Zimbabwé, 2006--
    De plus, on peut chercher << Zimbabwé >> dans les archives.
  • Nehanda Radio (Harare, Zimbabwe)
    "...[an online] Zimbabwean radio station that provides 24 hour running news on the website and during [online] broadcasts." News sources include Zimbabwean newspapers, American-based and international news agencies.
  • NewsDay. (Online) -- Harare, Zimbabwe: Alpha Media Holdings, Ltd., 2010-
    The online version of the daily English language newspaper, with selected back issue articles since 2010.
  • New Zimbabwe. (Online) -- Birmingham, West Midlands, UK: New Zimbabwe, 2008-
    "Zimbabwe's weekly tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom": current and recent news articles on Zimbabwe and southern Africa.
  • PBS Frontline World: "Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies" (Public Broadcasting Service, New York)
    The web site for an American public television program covering the situation in Zimbabwe in 2006, with online video excerpt, transcripts of extended interviews with Zimbabweans, and related information.
  • The Sunday Mail. (Online) -- Harare, Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd., 2000-
    The most recent issue of the electronic version of this weekly newspaper from Zimbabwe [originally established in 1935]. Sometimes the electronic news is a few weeks behind; and, there is no back issues archive.
  • SW Radio Africa--Archive (2014) (UK and South Africa) --via Internet Archive, USA
    The website included information about broadcasts, as well as news briefs, commentaries, and opinions on Zimbabwe; plus other news links.
  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) on Zimbabwe
    Current and recent news from UN agencies and other sources on Zimbabwe.
  • Utande Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Harare, Zimbabwe)
    This is a commercial site.
  • The Zimbabwe Independent. (Online) -- Harare: Zimind Publishers Ltd., 1997-
    Access to current issue of this weekly newspaper, plus a link to the archive of back issues.
  • Zimbabwe Meterological Office, Harare (Zimbabwe. Ministry of Transport and Energy, Department of Meterological Services.)
    Weather forecasts for Zimbabwe, related climate information; plus information about the department.
  • Zimbabwe News Online Archive, 1997-98
    -- Copenhagen: Africa News Network, 1997-98 (via University of Pennsylvania)
    This collection of bi-monthly news was assembled from e-mail messages. "Zimbabwe News Online is written by Zimbabwean journalists from their point of view. It is assembled and edited in Copenhagen by Africa News Network, part of South Africa Contact, the former anti-apartheid movement in Denmark."
  • The Zimbabwe Standard. (Online) -- Harare: Zimbabwe Standard, 1998-
    The most recent electronic issue of this Sunday newspaper and a searchable archive of selected back issues.
  • The Zimbabwean. (Online) -- London, UK: The Zimbabwean, 2005-
    The online version of a weekly newspaper on Zimbabwean affairs organized by Zimbabweans outside of the country...launched in mid-March 2005. "We are a group of committed and professional Zimbabwean journalists and friends from around the world who have come together to start the first physical newspaper for Zimbabweans in exile. The paper will be edited by Wilf Mbanga, founder and first Chief Executive of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, the publishers of The Daily News (closed down in 2003 under the terms of the Zimbabwe Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.)
  • ZimNews.net (Harare, Zimbabwe)
    Recent news on Zimbabwe from Zimbabwe-based reporters, and other news from South African and British media services.