About the Journalism Library

The Journalism Library re-opened in November 2007, and features a small collection of reference books, circulating books, and current periodicals, as well as the most recent five years' of Master's projects and M.A. theses completed by graduates of the School. The library functions as a portal to the Columbia University Libraries system, and one computer terminal provides full access to the many electronic resources licensed for use by the Libraries. A photocopier is available to library users. All materials in the Journalism Library have catalog entries in CLIO.

Reflecting the multi-disciplinary interests of the School's students, the library's reference collection covers a wide range of subjects, with a view towards non-duplication of reference sources fully available via electronic means. Reference works include dictionaries, guides, handbooks, directories, atlases, and style and usage manuals.

Book-length works of outstanding journalism are included, as are historical works about important publications and publishing families. Works by and about journalists are acquired, including works by current and past faculty members and selected works by alumni of the School. Substantial publications resulting from projects and events at the Graduate School of Journalism are included, as are student-created publications (such as the Bronx Beat). In order to support the School's focus on New York City as a news laboratory, materials about city and state history, government, politics, social issues, as well as selected literary works about the region, are available. Books on the "recommended reading list" for incoming students are part of the collection, as are books on the craft of writing, on journalism ethics, and other professional issues.

Course reserve materials for Journalism courses are available at the Journalism Library. The most recent five years of Master's Projects are housed in the Journalism Library with DVDs available to check out. An author-title index to the projects is available on the library's Web site. Master's projects beyond the most recent five years are housed in Lehman Library.

The magazine and journal collection encompasses important weekly, monthly, and quarterly magazines covering general news, the publishing world, the humanities, and the worlds of science and business. The newspaper collection represents the New York metropolitan area, as well as selected U.S. cities outside of New York. Daily newspapers are kept for two weeks. Other periodicals are available on a current issue-only basis, with back issues available at other Columbia libraries.

Other Campus Libraries

Lehman Library houses a research-level collection of books on journalism, mass communications and media studies, retains back issues of journalism periodicals, and receives current issues of selected journalism and media-related periodicals which are of inter-disciplinary value.

Butler Library houses works related to the history of journalism and publishing, in addition to biographies of prominent journalists. Butler Library also houses an extensive Periodical Reading Room with many daily newspaper subscriptions, and Butler Media contains documentaries and feature films.

Also located in Butler is the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, containing the papers of prominent figures in the worlds of journalism and publishing.

The Business and Economics Library contains reference books and monographs related to the media and communications industries.