Comparison of Reference Management Software

I need to...

Best Tool(s)?   Why?

... save and store my .pdf files.

, papers, , and all have the functionality to save PDFs within the program.

... capture screenshots and web content.

is a browser plug-in for Firefox that captures screenshots and other web content.

... use a Mac and a PC.

, papers, , and have both a Mac and PC version available.

, , and are also compatible with Macs and PCs in their web-based forms.

... use on multiple computers.

, , and all have web-based functions that allow users to back up their citations and then access them from any computer.

... use with Microsoft Word.

, papers, , and each will work directly with Microsoft Word to assist with building bibliographies and in-text citations.

... use with LaTeX.

is built to be used with any LaTeX editor.

... collaborate with other users.

allows users to have shared accounts.

papers allows users to share folders.

and allow users to create groups to share citations.

... preserve my citations for when I leave Columbia.

, , papers, , and are programs saved on your personal hard drive. They will not expire when you leave Columbia.

Each allows you to back up your citations, and many can transfer references between programs.