Second Floor Lockers

Lockers are on the second or main floor of Butler Library, and are assigned at the beginning of the academic year to lottery winners. 

All currently enrolled Columbia University students with a valid uni are eligible to participate in the locker lottery.

What's a uni?

  • Only one locker may be assigned to a person.
  • Students who have a study carrel space in Butler Library are not eligible for a locker.
  • Duplicate submissions will be discarded.
  • Lockers will be randomly assigned, no preferences considered.
  • Lockers are non-renewable and must be emptied by the last day of finals at the end of the Academic year.  "Squatting" is not permitted.
  • Locks are provided by Butler Library and are the property of Butler Library. They may not be removed. Locker users are responsible for replacement cost of any missing locks.
  • Valuables should not be stored in lockers. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged property.
  • Contents of lockers will be removed after the locker expiration date. Any library property left in a locker will be returned to the library. Abandoned personal items will be brought to the lost and found area at the Butler Circulation Desk. Abandoned personal items may be reclaimed from Butler Circulation for 30 days from the date the lock was cut.
  • Lockers may not be altered permanently.
  • CUL is not liable for the loss, theft or damage of material stored in lockers.

To enter the lottery, you must agree to the above-stated terms and conditions.

Check this if you are a commuter student