Study Spaces

Looking for a place to study? Check Study Spaces Open Now if you're looking for study space today or Library Hours if you're planning ahead.

Looking for a room for group study or presentation practice? Current Columbia and Barnard students can use our Room Reservation system to reserve a room for collaborative group study and/or presentation practice. Rooms are available in Butler Library, the Lehman Social Sciences Library, and the Science & Engineering Library.

Check out the variety of available study space on campus.


Late night

Low at Night

Quiet study

Room with a view

Food nearby*

* Please remember that outside food is not allowed in the libraries, out of consideration for others and to preserve library materials. 


Group study

Wireless or wired



  • All libraries at Columbia University provide wireless internet service.

Wired (ethernet connections available)


Lerner Hall
  • Law School: comfortable chairs, tables, good lighting, wireless, small group study and quiet individual study
  • Lenfest Cafe: hot & cold foods, wireless, good light, sociable, tables for groups
  • Lerner Hall: offers a variety of study spaces, wireless internet, is food-friendly with Cafe 212, Cafe East, and Ferris Booth in the building, and extends hours to 24/7 during finals period.
  • SIPA, 6th Floor Lounge: coffee bar & sandwiches, comfortable chairs & tables, computer workstations, good light
  • SIPA, 4th Floor: wireless, comfortable individual chairs, tables, sociable, food nearby
  • Check classroom buildings for space