Hausa Language Acquisitions at Columbia University Libraries

This bibliography on Hausa language—to be frequently updated—represents the highlights from the last fifty years of library acquisitions at Columbia University. Titles in English and French listed here deal primarily with aspects of Hausa language, literature, history, and culture. You may also wish to consult the guide Hausa Language on the Internet.

Dictionaries & Glossaries

  • Abraham, Roy Clive. Dictionary of the Hausa language. Second edition. London: University of London Press, 1962. (992 p.)
    Butler Reference, 301 Butler: R Hausa Ab82
  • Awde, Nicholas. Hausa-English/English-Hausa dictionary. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1996. (454 p.)
    Butler Reference, 301 Butler: R Hausa Aw21
  • Awde, Nicholas. "21st century" Hausa : an English-Hausa classified word list. London : Centre for African Language Learning, 1987, c1986. (168 p.)
    Offsite: PL8233 .A92 1987g
  • Baba, M. G. Hausa dalla-dalla : the Hausa learner's handbook.Kano : Aybee Printing & Publishing, 199-?] (25 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .B25 1990g
  • Bargery, G.P. A Hausa-English dictionary and English-Hausa vocabulary ; with some notes on the Hausa people and their language by D. Westermann. London; New York: Oxford University Press, 1934.(1226 p.)
    Butler Reference: R Hausa B23
  • Caron, Bernard and Ahmed H. Amfani. Dictionnaire français-haoussa: suivi d'un index haoussa-français.Paris: Karthala ; Ibadan: IFRA-Ibadan, c1997. (412 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .C37 1997
  • Dikko, Inuwa and Usman Maccido. Kamus na adon maganar Hausa. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Pub., 1991. (118 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .K55 1991
  • Hanyar tadi da Turanci, a dictionary of English conversation for Hausa students. Norla, Zaria, Longmans, Green and co. [1957]
    Offsite: PL8233 .H35
  • Hausa metalanguage = Kamus na kebabban kalmoni. Sponsored by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council and compiled by the Hausa Studies Association of Nigeria (Kungiyar Nazarin Hausa) ; edited by Professor D. Muhammed. Ibadan, Nigeria : University Press ; Yaba, Lagos : Nigerian Educational Research & Development Council, 1990.
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .H38 1990g, v. 1
  • Lexique Hausa and Zarma : démocratie et développement à la base : terminologie essentielle. Niamey, Niger : Démocratie, 2000. (168 p.)
    Butler Stacks: JC423 .L513 2000
  • Majinguini, Abdou. Karamin kamus na hausa zuwa faransanci = Dictionnaire élémentaire hausa-français. 2d éd. Niamey, Niger: Editions GG, 2003. (752 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .M34 2003
  • Moussa-Aghali, Fatimane. Lexique des néologismes en hawsa du Niger. Napoli : Istituto universitario orientale, 1999. (91 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .M68 1999g
  • Newman, Roxana Ma. An English-Hausa dictionary. New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, c1990. (327 p.)
    Butler Reference, 301 Butler: R Hausa N467
  • Newman, Paul. A Hausa-English dictionary. New Haven, Conn.; London: Yale University Press, 2007. (243 p.)
    African Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler (Non-Circulating): PL8233 .B3 2007g
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .B3 2007g
  • Schön, James Frederick. Dictionary of the Hausa language, with appendices of Hausa literature. 1st ed. London: Church Missionary House, 1876. (142 p).
    Offsite: PL8233 .S285 1968
  • Skinner, Neil. Hausa comparative dictionary. Köln: Köppe, 1996. (337 p)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .S48 1996
  • Skinner, Neil. Hausa-English pocket dictionary = Kamus na Hausa da turanci. Ikeja: Longman Nigeria, 1985, c1968. (107 p.)
    Lehman Stacks: PL8233 .S55 1968
  • Skinner, Neil. Hausa lexical expansion since 1930: material supplementary to that contained in Bargery's dictionary, including words borrowed from English, Arabic, French, and Yoruba. Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin, African Studies Program, [1985] (54 p.)
    Offsite: PL8233 .S49 1985
  • Skinner, Neil. Kamus na Turanci da Hausa = English-Hausa dictionary: babban ja-gora ga Turanci. Zaria : Northern Nigerian Publishing Co., 1973, c1965. (166 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8233 .S52 1973
  • Taylor, F.W. A Fulani-Hausa vocabulary. Taylor's Fulani-Hausa series; 4. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1927. (136 p.)
    Offsite: 894F95 T2132

Grammars, Phrasebooks, & Textbooks

  • Abraham, Roy Clive. The principles of Hausa. Kaduna: The Government Printer, 1934.
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .A3 v. 1
  • Ahmed, Umaru Balarabe.A school certificate Hausa course. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., 1975. (179 p.)
    Offsite: PL8231 .A354
  • Baba, M. G. Grammar in Hausa. Nsukka, Nigeria : M.G. Baba, c1996. (32 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .B23 1996g
  • Buba, Malami. Hausa: a ten lesson course in elementary spoken and written Hausa. London: Hakuna Matata, 2001. (55 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .B83 2001g
  • Caron, Bernard. Le haoussa de l'Ader.Berlin: D. Reimer, 1991. (387 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .C37 1991g
  • Cowan, J. Ronayne and Russell G. Schuh. Spoken Hausa. Ithaca, N.Y.: Spoken Language Services, c1976. (378 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .C6
  • Dirr, Adolf. Manuel pratique de langue Haoussa, langue commerciale du Soudan, avec exercices gradués, suivi d'une chrestomatie analysée, d'une collection de phrases usuelles, d'un vocabulaire Haoussa-Français et d'un vocabulaire systématique. Paris: E. Leroux, 1895. (140 p.)
    Offsite: 897H29 D63
  • Falowo, Abisola. Hausa language for learners. Edited by Shuaibu Abdulwaheed. Akure, Nigeria: Famayot Press, 199? (63 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .F35 1990z
  • Furniss, Graham. Second level Hausa: grammar in action.London: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1991. (128 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .F87 1991g
  • Hodge, Carleton T. and Ibrahim Umaru. Hausa: basic course. Washington, DC : Foreign Service Institute, Dept. of State, 1963. (399 p.)
    Offsite: 897H29 Un3
    E-Book and Audio
  • Howeidy, A. Concise Hausa grammar. [2d ed.] London: G. Ronald [1959] (232 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .H7 1959
  • Jaggar, Philip J. Hausa.Amsterdam; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Pub. Co., c2001. (754 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .J35 2001
  • Jinju, Muhammadu Hambali. Rayayyen nahawun Hausa.Zaria: Northern Nigerian Publishing Co., 1980. (88 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .J5 1980g
  • Kraft, Charles H. Cultural materials in Hausa : for use in intermediate and advanced courses in Hausa. Prelim. ed. East Lansing, MI: African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 1966.(330 p.)
    Offsite: PL8234 .K73
  • Kraft, Charles H. Workbook in intermediate and advanced Hausa.East Lansing, MI : African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 1966. (180 p.)
    Offsite: PL8233 .K73
  • Kraft, Charles H. Workbook in introductory Hausa. East Lansing, MI : African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 1966. (106 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .K73
  • Kraft, Charles H. and Salisu Abubakar. An introduction to spoken Hausa. Preliminary ed. East Lansing, MI: African Studies Center, Michigan State University, 1965. (408 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .K731
  • Maxwell, J. Lowry. Yau da gobe: a Hausa grammar for beginners, yau da gobe, ka iya. Revised by Eleanor M. Forshey. Lagos: SIMLIT Publications, [195-?] (192 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .M39 1950z
  • Migeod, F.W.H. A grammar of the Hausa language. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & co., LTD., 1914. (229 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .M43
  • Miller, Walter Richard Samuel. Hausa notes. London: H. Frowde, 1901.
    Offsite: 897H29 M61
  • Moumouni, Seyni. Français-Haoussa. Guides pratiques des langues nationales. Niger Toulouse: Institut des Langues et Cultures Africaines (ILCA), 2005. (25 p.)
    Butler Stacks--Precataloging: 6OCT 84831
  • Muhammad, Liman. Hausa dialects. Zaria, Nigeria: Institute of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, [1985?] (30 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8231 .M8 1985
  • Newman, Paul. The Hausa language: an encyclopedic reference grammar. New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, 2000. (760 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .N43 2000
  • Parsons, Allan Chilcott. A Hausa phrase book, rev. by G. P. Bargery. London; New York: Oxford university press, 1924. (117 p.)
    Offsite (non-circulating): Rj P251
  • Pawlak, Nina. Hausa outside the mother area: plateau variety. Warsaw, Poland : Academic Pub. House, 2002. (157 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .P393 2002
  • Skinner, Neil. A grammar of Hausa, with answers: for Nigerian secondary schools and colleges. Zaria : Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., 1979. (109 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .S553 1979
  • Skinner, Neil. Hausa a saukake. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., [197-?] (24 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .S54
  • Smirnova, Mirra Aleksandrovna. The Hausa language: a descriptive grammar. London; Boston, Mass: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982. (112 p)
    Offsite: PL8232 .S613 1982
  • Taylor, F.W. A practical Hausa grammar. 2d ed. Taylor's Fulani-Hausa series; 2. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1959. (157 p.)
    Offsite: 897H29 T21
  • Zaria, Ahmadu Bello. The dialects of Hausa. Enugu, Nigeria : Fourth Dimension Publishing, 1992.
    (230 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8231 .Z37 1992g
  • Zaria, Ahmadu Bello. Nahawun Hausa. Ikeja, Lagos: T. Nelson (Nigeria), 1981. (93 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .Z3 1981g
  • Zarruk, Rabi'u Muhammad. Bishiyar li'irabi: a nazarin jumlar hausa. [Nigeria : s.n.], 1998. (94 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8232 .Z376 1998g


  • Abraham, Roy Clive. Hausa literature, and the Hausa sound system.London: University of London Press, [c1959]. (186 p.)
    Offsite: 897H29 Ab823
  • Bagari, Dauda M., William R. Leben, & Faye McNair Knox. Manual of Hausa idioms. 2d. and rev. ed. Bloomington, IN: I.U. Linguistics Club, 1979. (233 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .B34 1979g
  • Furniss, Graham and Philip J. Jaggar (eds.) Studies in Hausa language and linguistics: in honour of F. W. Parsons. London ; New York : Kegan Paul International in association with the International African Institute, 1988. (282 p.)
    Offsite: PL8231 .S78 1988g
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    Offsite: PL8232 .G74 2007
  • International Conference on Hausa Language and Literature (4th: 1987: Bayero University)
    Papers on Hausa language, literature and culture: some of the proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Hausa Language Literature and Culture, 20-24 September 1987 ; edited by Aliyu Musa. Kano, Nigeria: Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages, Bayero University, 1991. (154 p.)
    Offsite: PL8231 .I57 1987g
  • Karatu da rubutu a harshen Hausa: jagorar ka'idojin rubutun Hausa = A guide to Hausa orthography. Institute of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Ikeja, Lagos: T. Nelson (Nigeria), 1979. (63 p.)
    Offsite: PL8232 .K37
  • Majinguini, Abdou. Vocabulaire technique des sciences du langage (français-hausa). Niamey [Niger]: Organisation de l'unité africaine, Centre d'études lingüistiques et historiques par tradition orale, [1983] (67 p.)
    Offsite: P29 .M293 1983
  • Newman, Paul. Chadic and Hausa linguistics: selected papers of Paul Newman with commentaries. Edited by Philip J. Jaggar, H. Ekkehard Wolff. Afrikanistische Forschungen; Bd. 12.Köln: Köppe, c2002.
    Offsite: PL8026.C53 N483 2002g
  • Newman, Paul. Online bibliography of Chadic and Hausa linguistics.
    (with the assistance of Roxana Ma Newman). Bayreuth, Germany: DEVA, Institute of African Studies, University of Bayreuth. 173 pages in PDF format
  • Newman, Paul. Klingenheben's Law in Hausa. Chadic linguistics; v. 2. Köln: Köppe, 2004.
    Offsite: PL8231 .N485 2004g
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    Butler Stacks: PE1068.N5 N8
  • Zima, Petr. Problems of categories and word classes in Hausa (the paradigm of case). Dissertationes orientales; v. 33.Prague: Oriental Institute, 1972.
    Butler Stacks: PJ25 .C4 v33

Literature: Drama, Folktales, Novels, Poetry, Historical & Other Texts

  • Abba, Abdullahi. Tarihin Bauchi ta Yakubu. Zaria [Nigeria] : Gaskiya Corp., 1993. (71 p.)
    Butler Stacks: DT515.9.B383 A33 1993g
  • Abubakar, Alhaji. Kano ta dabo cigari. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Publishing Co., 1978. (105 p.)
    Butler Stacks: DT515.9.K3 A28 1978g
  • Abubakar Gidado El-Nafaty. Tarihin Islam. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Publishing Company, 1977 (1979 printing). (259 p.)
    Offsite: BP63.A4 A28 1977g
  • Anka, Ahmed Musa. Direban hajiya: littafi na daya. [Hausa language materials] ; 2. Kano, Nigeria: Sauki Bookshop & Publishing Co., [199-?] (34 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8234.A685 D57 1990z
  • Ahmad, Said Babura. Narrator as interpreter: stability and variation in Hausa tales. Ibadan, Nigeria: Spectrum Books; Oxford: African Books Collective [distributor], 2002. (249 p.)
    African Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler: GR351.32.H34 A56 2002g
  • Asma'u, Nana. Collected works of Nana Asma'u, daughter of Usman dan Fodiyo, (1793-1864). [Edited by Jean Boyd and Beverly B. Mack.] African historical sources; no. 9. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, [1997] (753 p.; Appendix A: Hausa texts)
    Butler Stacks & African Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler:PL8234.A85 A23 1997
  • Baba, of Karo. Labarin Baba: mutuniyar Karo ta kasar Kano. Transcribed and translated by Mary Smith ta rubuta; ta tsara da taimakon Neil Skinner.Madison, Wis.: African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, c1993. (89 p.)
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  • Beïdi, Boubacar Hama. Taariki Fulb_e Dallol = Histoiredes Peuls du Dallol. Niamey: Edition Albasa, c2003. (213 p.)
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