Zulu Language Acquisitions at Columbia University Libraries

This bibliography on the Zulu language represents highlights from the last fifty years of library acquisitions at Columbia University. Related works in English include literary works, biographies, ethnographies, and works about Zulu history, religion, literature, the arts, music, and other aspects of culture; some video titles and music CDs are also cited. You may also wish to consult the guide Zulu Language on the Internet.

Dictionaries & Glossaries

  • Bennett, John and al. Multilingual illustrated dictionary: English, IsiZulu, Sesotho, IsiXhosa, Setswana, Afrikaans, Sepedi. Cape Town: Pharos: Juta Gariep, 2006. (373 p.)
    Butler Stacks: P381.S57 B46 2006g
  • Bryant, A. T. A Zulu-English dictionary with notes on pronunciation, a revised orthography and derivations and cognate words from many languages; including also a vocabulary of Hlonipa words, tribal-names, etc., a synopsis of Zulu grammar and a concise history of the Zulu people from the most ancient times. Pinetown, Natal: The Mariannhill Mission Press, 1905. (778 p.)
    Offsite: Rj B841
    E-book via Google Books
  • Colenso, John William. Zulu-English dictionary. Natal: Vause, Slatter, 1905; [Farnborough: Gregg, 1967]. (728 p.)
    Offsite: PL8843 .C6 1967
  • Dent, George Robinson and Nyembezi, C.L.S. Scholar’s Zulu dictionary: English-Zulu, Zulu. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter, 1995. (519 p.)
    Butler Reference, 301 Butler: R Zulu D431
    Offsite: PL8843 .D414 1988g
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .D44
  • Dent, George Robinson. Compact Zulu dictionary: English-Zulu, Zulu-English. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter, 1985. (150 p.)
    Lehman Reference: PL8843 .D43 1985g
  • De Villiers, Paul. Everyday Zulu: a vocabulary and reference book: incwadi yamagama nokwandisa ulwazi. Pietermaritzburg: Centaur Publications, 1990. (88 p.)
    Offsite: PL8843 .E94 1990g
  • Doke, Clement Martyn. English-Zulu, Zulu-English dictionary. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1990. Butler Reference: R Zulu D635
  • Doke, Clement Martyn. Zulu-English dictionary Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1948. (903 p.)
    Offsite: Rj D658
  • Doke, Clement Martyn. Zulu-English vocabulary. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1971, c1958. (342 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .D653 1971g
  • Faye, Carl. Zulu references for interpreters and students. Pietermaritzburg: City Printing Works, Ltd., 1923. (122 p.)
    Offsite: PL8841 .F3
  • Gibbs, Samuel. An easy Zulu vocabulary and phrase book, with grammatical notes; with additions and amendments by R.C.O. Samuelson. Natal: P. Davis, 1897. (51 p.)
    Offsite: Rj G355
  • Koopman, Adrian. Zulu names. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 2002. (324 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .K66 2002g
  • Kumalo, M. B. English/Isizulu linguistic and literary terms = Amatemu Esingisi/Esizulu elingwistiksi nelithrisha. Lea Glen, Florida [South Africa]: Vivlia, 1995. (48 p.)
    Butler Stacks: P29.5 .K84 1995g
  • Learner's English-Zulu dictionary. Southern Africa: International Educational Publications, 1987.
    (156 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .L4 1987g
  • Mbatha, M.O. isiChazamazwi sesiZulu. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa : New Dawn Publishers, 2006. (vi, 1353 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .I85 2006g
  • Nkabinde, A. C. Isichazamazwi. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter & Shooter, 1982.
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .N52 1982g
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Sibusiso and Otty E. H. Mandla Nxumalo. Inqolobane yesizwe. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter [1966]. (345 p.)
    Offsite: PL8843 .N9
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Sibusiso. AZ: isichazimazwi sanamuhla nangomuso. Pietermaritzburg: Reach Out Publishers, 1992. (561 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .N88 1992
  • Quick-English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho: 300 common words for everyday use. Vlaeberg: Chelsea Publications, 2000. (28 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8323 .Q85 2000g
  • Roberts, Charles. An English-Zulu dictionary; with the principles of pronunciation and classification fully explained. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1904. (267 p.)
    Offsite: 897Z8 R543
  • Roberts, Charles. A Zulu manual, or vade-mecum, being a companion volume to "The Zulu-Kafir language," and the "English-Zulu dictionary,". London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd., 1900.
    (153 p.)
    Offsite: Rj R541; 897Z8 R54
    E-book via Google Books
  • South African multi-language dictionary and phrase book : English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Sesotho, Tswana, Khosa, Zulu ; A.E. Kotzé ...[et al.]. Cape Town: Reader’s Digest Association South Africa (Pty), Ltd., c1991. (495 p.)
    Butler Reference: R Polyglot So87
  • Taljaard, P. C. The concise trilingual pocket dictionary: English, Zulu, Afrikaans = Die kort drietalige sakwoordeboek: Afrikaans, Zoeloe. Jeppestown: Ad Donker Publisher, 1991. (104 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .T35 1991g
  • Van Wyk, Chris and al. Usayitsheni uDlamini ugajwa uthando. Izindaba ezintsha. Johannesburg: ViVa Books, 2000. (18 p.)
    Butler Stacks: On Order

Grammars, Phrasebooks, & Textbooks

  • Bendemann, Helen. Zama: a beginner’s course in Zulu. [Warner Beach, South Africa?]: H. Bendemann, 1994. (173 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .B38 1994
  • Canonici, Noverino N. Zulu grammatical structure. 3rd ed. Durban: Zulu Language and Literature, University of Natal, 1996. (140 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .C3661 1996g
    Butler Stacks (1995 ed.): PL8842 .C3661 1995g
  • Cele, Thuthukani T. Ayimale! Pietermaritzburg: Shuter & Shooter, 2004. (52 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.C45 A95 2004g
  • Colenso, John William. First steps in Zulu, being an elementary grammar of the Zulu language. Pietermaritzburg: Vause, Slatter, 1903. (160 p.)
    Offsite: Rj C677f
    E-book via Google Books
  • Collins Zulu phrasebook. London: Harper Collins, 2008. (253 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .C65 2008g
  • Cope, A. T. A comprehensive course in the Zulu language. Durban: Department of Zulu Language and Literature, University of Natal, 1983, c1982.
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .C66 1983g
  • Doke, Clement Martyn. Textbook of Zulu grammar. Cape Town: Maskew Miller Longman; Published on behalf of the University of the Witwatersrand, 1988, c1930. (387 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .D6 1988g
    Butler Stacks (1954 ed.): PL8842 .D6 1954
  • Fox, Isaac. Juta’s first Zulu manual with vocabulary. Cape Town: Juta [1950]. (116 p.)
    Offsite: Rj F792
  • Funda isi-Zulu [electronic resource] = Learn Zulu. Talk now! London: EuroTalk Interactive ; Renton, WA: Topics Entertainment, [2007].
    Butler Stacks: CD-ROM PL8841 .F86 2007g
  • Goslin, Benjamin du Plessis. Conversational Zulu for beginners. Petermaritzburg: Shuter & Shooter, 1986. (109 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .G67 1986g
  • Grout, Lewis. The Isizulu. A grammar of the Zulu language; accompanied with a historical introduction, also with an appendix. London: Trübner & Co.; [etc., etc.] 1859. (432 p.)
    Burke [UTS]: BP49 Z94 G88; Rj G918i
    Offsite: 897Z8 G91
  • Grout, Lewis. The Isizulu: a revised edition of A grammar of the Zulu language; with an introduction and appendix. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1893. (313 p.)
    Offsite: Rj G918il
    E-book via Google Books
  • IsiZulu made easy: [a step-by-step guide] ; Aubrey Mokoena ...[et al.] Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik Publishers, 1999. (228 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .I85 1999
  • Malcolm, D. McK. A Zulu manual for beginners. London: Longmans, Green, 1949. (169 p.)
    Offsite: Rj M243
  • Mayr, F. Zulu simplified being an English-Zulu exercise-book with key for colonists and natives.
    Durban: P. Davis & Sons, 1911. (119 p.)
    Offsite: 897Z8 M455
  • Mayr, F. Zulu simplified, being a new, practical, and easy method of learning the Zulu language. Pietermaritzburg: P. Davis & Sons, Printers, 1899. (60 p.)
    Offsite: Rj M455
  • Mbeje, Audrey N. Zulu learners’ reference grammar. African language learners’ reference grammar series. Madison, Wis.: NALRC Press, 2005. (313 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .M36 2005
  • Nel, G. L. Simple Zulu, with household phrases. [Durban?, South Africa]: Knox Print. Co., 1973. (91 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .N45 1973g
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Learn more Zulu. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter [1970]. (548 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.A2 N9
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Sibusiso Learn Zulu. Pietermaritzburg [South Africa]: Shuter and Shooter, [1968].
    (247 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .N9 1968
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Sibusiso. Learn Zulu. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter, 1990, c1957. (264 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .N9 1990g
  • Nyembezi, C. L. Sibusiso. Uhlelo LwesiZulu. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter and Shooter, 1973, c1956.
    (274 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .N93 1973
  • Poulos, G. Learn to speak Zulu: 12 introductory lessons. Centurion [South Africa]: George Poulos, 2006. (106 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .P63 2006g
    Butler Stacks (1999 ed.): PL8842 .P63 1999g
  • Poulos, G. Zulu. Languages of the world. Materials; 50. München; Newcastle: LINCOM Europa, 1997.
    (57 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .P68 1997g
  • Rycroft, D. K. and A.B. Ngcobo. Say it in Zulu = Shóno ngesíZulu. London: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, c1979, 1981. (371 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .R9 1981a
  • Samuelson, R. C. A. Zulu grammar. Durban: [s.n.] 1925. (323 p.)
    Offsite: 897Z8 Sa49
  • Sherriffs, Pam. Forgive me, I'm an impatient mlungu: and other useful things to know how to say in Zulu. Hilton, South Africa: icingsugar publications, 2008 (2009 printing)
    Butler Stacks: PL8843 .F67 2009g
  • Slattery, H. Auxiliary verbs in Zulu. Communication; no. 10. Grahamstown: Department of African Languages, Rhodes University, 1981. (79 p.)
    Offsite: PL8842 .S4 1981
  • W.M.F. Elementary Zulu: a course of elementary lessons in the Zulu language: intended chiefly for beginners and junior pupils. Cape Town: Juta & Co., Ltd., c1921. (106 p.)
    Offsite: 897Z8 EL26
  • Wanger, Willibald. Catholic Zulu terminology. Mariannhill: [s.n.], 1913. (246 p.)
    Offsite: Ro W1851
  • Wanger, Willibald. Scientific Zulu grammar. Opera africana; t. 1 Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer, 1927-
    Offsite: 897Z8 W185
  • Wilkes, A. Complete Zulu. London: Teach Yourself, 2010. (350 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .W56 2010g
  • Wilkes, A. and Nicholias Nkosi. Teach yourself Zulu [sound recording]. Teach yourself books (Lincolnwood, Ill.). Blacklick, OH: McGraw-Hill, 2004. (2 CDs & booklet)
    Butler Stacks: SOUNDREC PL8842 .W55 2004g
  • Ziervogel, D. and J.A. Louw ; asst. by P.C. Taljaard. A handbook of the Zulu language.
    Pretoria: Van Schaik (J. L.), 1976. (251 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .Z5 1976
    Butler Stacks (1967 ed.): PL8842 .Z5
  • Zulu vocabulary and phrase book for the use of immigrants and settlers in the colony of Natal and Zululand. Durban: T.L. Cullingworth, 1907. (64 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .Z8 1907
    African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler (1918 ed.): PL8842 .Z8 1918g


  • Anthology of articles on African linguistics and literature: a Festschrift to C. L. S. Nyembezi. Edited by A.C. Nkabinde. Johannesburg: Lexicon, 1988. (257 p.)
    Offsite: PL8005 .A58 1988g
  • Beuchat, P. D. The verb in Zulu. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1966. (80 p.)
    Offsite: PL8842 .B4
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    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .C344 1995g
  • Canonici, Noverino N. Imisindo yesiZulu : an introduction to Zulu phonology. Durban, South Africa : Department of Zulu Language and Literature, University of Natal, 1996. (62 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8842 .C36 1996g
  • Canonici, Noverino N. The Nguni languages: a simple presentation and comparison of Zulu, Xhosa, and Swati. Durban: Zulu Language and Literature, University of Natal, 1994. (78 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8221.6 .C35 1994g
  • Doke, Clement Martyn. The phonetics of the Zulu language. Bantu studies. Special number; v. 2. Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand Press, [1926]. (310 p.)
    Offsite: 897Z8 D685
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  • Mokhonoana, Nelly and Monica Strassner. Zincwadi eziqoqiwe ngolwazi lolimi lwesiZulu ngonyaka ka 1998 = Bibliography of the Zulu language to the year 1998. Pretoria: National Library of South Africa; Johannesburg: Thorold’s Africana Books [distributor], 1999. (281 p.)
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  • Molamu, Louis. Tsotsi-taal : a dictionary of the language of Sophiatown. Pretoria: University of South Africa, c2003. (130 p.)
    Offsite & African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: PM7804 .M65 2003g
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  • Motshegoa, Lebo. Township talk : the language, the culture, the people : the A-Z dictionary of South Africa's township lingo. Cape Town: Double Storey, 2005. (50 p.)
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Literature: Folktales, Novels, Poetry, Proverbs, Historical & Other Texts

  • 11 South African folk tales : 11 official languages : a celebration of democracy and cultural diversity ; managing editor, Aré van Schalkwyk; original artwork, Reuben Matemane. Gardenview, South Africa: Zytek Pub., c2005. (119 p. ; "Unanana" by Danisile Ntuli, pp. 9-18)
    African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: GR359 .A15 2005g
  • Amaculo abantwana esizulu = isiZulu nursery rhymes. Pietermaritzburg: Nutrend, c2008. (25 p. of music, 1 sound disc, and 1 DVD)
    Music Scores: 73.2 So8 Am12
  • Amagalelo. Edited by Nakanjani G. Sibiya. Durban, South Africa : University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2013. (88 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.A2 A62 2013g
  • Bhengu, Vusumuzi Maurice. Inkunzi emanqindi = [The bull whose powers have been reduced]. Sandton: Heinemann, c1999. (101 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.B44 I55 1999g
  • Bhengu, Vusumuzi Maurice. Itshwele lempangele = [Guinea-fowl chicken]. Sandton: Heinemann Publishers, 1998. (120 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.B44 I87 1998g
  • Bible. I Baible eli ingcwele: Eli Netestamente elidala, nelitya, ku kitywa kuzo izilimi zokuqala, ku lotywa ngokwesizulu. The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues, into the Zulu language. 2 vols. New York: American Bible Society, 1899.
    Offsite: CB51 Z9 1899
  • Bible. Eyokuqala incwadi ka mosesi okutiwa Ugenesise : the Book of Genesis ; trans. by
    J.C. Bryant ...[et al.] New York: American Bible Society, 1863. (136 p.)
    Burke [UTS] Union Stacks: CB51 Z9 1863.
  • Bible. I Testamente Elitya lenkosi yetu uJesu Kristu ; [trans. by committee and edited by S.C. Pixley] Esidumbini: American Zulu Mission, 1965. (407 p.)
    Burke [UTS] Union Stacks: CB51 Z9 1865
  • Callaway, Henry. Nursery tales, traditions, and histories of the Zulus, in their own words [electronic resource]: with a translation into English, and notes. Black short fiction. Springvale, Natal: J. A. Blair; London: Trübner & Co.,1868.
  • Canonici, Noverino N. Izinganekwane : an anthology of Zulu folktales. Durban : Zulu Language and Literature, University of Natal, 1993. (115 p.)
    Butler Stacks: GR359.2.Z83 C35 1993g
  • Champion, A.W.G. The views of Mahlathi ; writings of A.W.G. Champion, a black South African ; with a biography of A.W.G. Champion by R.R.R. Dhlomo ; ed. by M.W. Swanson ; trans. by E.R. Dahle and A.T. Cope. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press ; Durban: Killie Campbell Africana Library, 1982, c1983. (202 p. ; translation of "Imibono kaMahlathi")
    Butler Stacks: DT779.8.C47 A2513
  • Dlamini, Bhekinkosi. Isidleke samanqe. Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik, 1996. (193 p.)
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  • Dlamini, Phumla. Imali kamalume. Durban: New Readers Publishers University of Natal, 2003, 1999. (22 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .D53 2003g
  • Dube, John Langalibalele. Jeqe, the body-servant of King Shaka. Penguin modern classics. Johannesburg: Penguin, 2008. (112 p.; trans. by Professor J. Boxwell, "Insila ka Tshaka")
    Butler Stacks & African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: On Order
    Offsite (1951 ed.): Tj D814
  • Dube, John Langalibalele. A Zulu song book. [Facsimile reprint of "Amagama Abantu," with modernized version edited, translated, and transcribed by David Rycroft.]
    Colin Webb Natal and Zululand series; no. 7. Durban: Killie Campbell Africana Library; Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 1996. (1 close score, 88 p.)
    Offsite (Music Score): 73.2 So8 D85
  • Gasa, Khathazile. Inkositini: Ukhathazile ulandela inhliziyo yakhe. Durban: New Readers Project [Centre for Adult and Community Education, University of Natal]: Natal Worker History Project, 2000, 1991. (38 p.)
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .G37 2000g
  • Gcumisa, Mlindeli Samuel Simeon. Ingqalabutho yakwavimbingwenya. Pietermaritzburg: Shuter & Shooter, 2008. (163 p.; Zulu trans. of biographical novel,“The pioneer of Vimbingwenya”)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.G26 I54 2008g
  • Gcumisa, M.S.S. Amaselwa. Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik, 1996. (70 p.) (Short stories)
    Butler Stacks: PL8844.G35 A637 1996g
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    Durban: New Readers Project, 1995. (47 p.)
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    Butler Stacks: PL8844.K48 A95 1999g
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    Precataloging:7AUG 37457
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    (35 p. ; Zulu translation of "The Tree man: Robert Mazibuko's story")
    Butler Stacks: PL8841 .M39 1996g
  • Mbanjwa, Bongekile Joyce. Izinhlungu zomphefumulo : incwadi yezinkondlo = Emotional pain : a collection of poems ; translations by Siphiwe ka Ngwenya.
    Braamfontein [South Africa]: Botsotso Pub., [200-?] (93 p.)
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    Burke [UTS] MRL Pamphlets: 0073
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