Museum & Exhibition Catalogs

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In the Avery Library, prior to 2010, general museum collection catalogs are classed in N 1000 - N 1060.  Many are also classed separately by subject. To find exhibition catalogs in CLIO, you can click on  Advanced Search, and type “exhibition catalogs" (without quotes) as a subject field, then in the next box add either the museum name or a word in the title or the artist’s name, or a  likely subject word you are looking for.  Exhibition catalogs are separately classed by subject. Listed below are a few guides to finding citations to exhibition catalogs.

Bibliography of the History of Art (1975-2007), International Bibliography of Art (1983 to date), and Art Bibliographies Modern (1974 to date) are all good indexes to exhibition cats.

Worldcat (OCLC).  Also a good source for finding museum publications.

National Museum of American Art's Index to American Art Exhibition Catalogues ...through ... 1876.
6 vols. (1986)
[Avery-Fine Arts Reference N 5015 Y22]