Modern Latin American Art: Basic Resources For Research

The following is a selective guide to basic research resources available at Avery Library, intended to give an overview of materials that may be useful in beginning research. To view other research guides, return to Avery Library Subject and Research Guides. Ask a librarian if you need reference assistance or have any further questions.

This bibliography represents a very selective list of reference books, on-line research tools and other resources available to students at Columbia University.

Art Dictionaries & Encyclopedias in the Latin American field

Congdon, Kristin G. Artists from Latin American cultures : a biographical dictionary. Westport, Conn : Greenwood Press, 2002.

Avery Reference N6620 C764

Encyclopedia of Latin American & Caribbean art. London : Macmillan Reference, New York : Grove's Dictionaries, 2000.

Fine Arts Reference N6620 En19
Barnard Reference N6502 .E53 2000g

Shipp, Steve. Latin American and Caribbean artists of the modern era : a biographical dictionary of over 12,700 persons. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., 2003.

Fine Arts Reference N6620 Sh64
Barnard Reference N6502.4 .S45 2003

St. James guide to Hispanic artists : profiles of Latino and Latin American artists / editor, Thomas Riggs. Detroit, MI. : St. James Press, c2002.

Fine Arts Reference N6620 St13

Tovar de Teresa, Guillermo. Repertorio de artistas en México : artes plásticas y decorativas. [México] : Grupo Financiero Bancomer, 1995-1997.

Fine Arts Reference N6558 T65 (t.1-3)

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Primary Art Dictionary & Encyclopedia: General

On-line Resources Available Through Columbia University Libraries

Access through CLIO or via LibraryWeb—Databases (reference works and indexes)

Art Indexes: General

Art Index (listed online as Art Full Text), (1929-)

Art periodical index with a few full-text articles.

ArtBibliographies Modern (1974-)

Art index to periodical and book literature on 19th–20th century subjects.

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (1934-)

Architectural periodical index.

Bibliography of the History of Art (1973-)

Art index to periodical and book literaturefrom late antiquity to the present.

Francis (1984-)

Humanities and social sciences periodical index.

Indexes, Bibliographies, & Tables of Contents Sources: Latin American Field

HAPI online: (Hispanic American Periodicals Index Online) (1970-)

HLAS online: (Handbook of Latin American Studies Online) (1935-)

Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents (1990-)

Selected On-line Resource Available through the Web

Browsing Books: Call number ranges in Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library for Latin American Art & Architecture

Avery (Architecture):
AA575 Spanish and Portuguese Colonies by country
AA689 Latin American 20th century
AA750-AA939 Latin American architecture (General) by country

Fine Arts:
N6550-N6738 Latin American art (General) and by country
NB250-NB439 Latin American sculpture by country
ND250-ND439 Latin American painting by country
NE544-NE590 Latin American printmaking

Selected List of Latin American Art & Architecture Periodicals

Arquine : revista internacional de arquitectura = international architecture magazine. México : Arquine S.A. de C.V. (1997-)

Avery AB Ar6658
Contemporary Latin American architecture, particular emphasis on Mexico.

Art Nexus. Bogotá, Colombia : Arte en Colombia. (1991-)

Fine Arts N9 Ar755 – Spanish edition
Fine Arts N1 Ar7459 – English edition

Artes de Mexico. México, D.F. : Artes de México. (1988-)

Fine Arts N9 Ar84
Primarily pictorial Mexican art magazine, historical and contemporary.

Latin American Art. Scottsdale, AZ : Latin American Art Magazine, Inc. (1989-)

Fine Arts N1 L348
Latin American art.

Southward Art. Buenos Aires, Argentina : Southward Art S.A. (2000-)

Fine Arts N1 So886
Modern Latin American art, focus on southern South America.

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Compiled by Paula Gabbard & Jeff Ross, Avery Library, Columbia University, January 2005.