Bloomberg Help Guide

The Business and Economics Library has seven Bloomberg terminals.  Printing is available from NINJa Stations. The Bloomberg terminal is available on a first come, first served basis. Columbia students working on assignments that require Bloomberg use have priority.

All of our Bloomberg terminals have a monthly downloading limit. This is strictly enforced by Bloomberg.  If we have reached our monthly downloading limit users will see the following error message when they try to download: #N/A Limit.

Note: In the online and printed help documentation, Bloomberg refers to particular keys on the keyboard by putting them in angle brackets:  <EQUITY>. Whenever you see a command in angle brackets in this handout or in Bloomberg documentation, press that particular key.

Bloomberg Cheatsheets

Enter CHEA <GO>



Yellow Market Sector Keys

<CMDTY>: Commodities, futures, options, spot rates

<CORP>: Corporate Debt

<CRNCY>: Spots, futures, options, forex on over 100 currencies

<EQUITY>: ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants

<GOVT>: Worldwide sovereign and agency securities

<INDEX>: Global equity indices, economic indices

<LAW>: Legal, regulatory and compliance information

<M-MKT>: Continuously issued and short-term dated paper

<MTGE>: Mortgage markets instruments

<MUNI>: U.S. municipality issued debt

Green Action Keys

ENTER/GO: Activates all commands

MENU: Go back one level

PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN: Navigate between pages

Tip: Use the Cancel key to start over


Where's Help?

At the cursor prompt at the top of the screen enter your term and hit the <HELP> key.

Example: Beta <HELP> Choose from the results screen for more information on your topic.

Sector Help


Example: <CMDTY> <GO> then <HELP> (The help key can be used at any screen or menu level)

Instant Message with Bloomberg

Hit the <HELP> key twice and type your question.


Downloading from Bloomberg

Open Microsoft Excel, click on Bloomberg from the menu and choose Import Data.  For more information about using this feature enter BBXL <GO> at the terminal.


Emailing from Bloomberg

Enter GRAB <GO>

This will email the screen to you as a screen shot.  Alternatively, you can click on Export from the top menu bar, and then click on Grab. (This will allow you to remain on the page you are currently viewing.)

To email data that you copied and pasted into Excel, save the file to the My Documents folder. Enter PFM <GO>.  Click on Compose.


Printing from Bloomberg

To print from Bloomberg hit the green Print key at the top right of the keyboard. Your print job will be sent to printer 130X. To change printer settings, right click any where on the screen and choose Print Setup.


Opening an Excel Spreadsheet from USB drive

Open Excel

Click on Open documents and type e:\ in the file name field


Search by Company Name

Type the company name at the cursor prompt and select the company from the list of suggested companies that appears below the name you typed


If you do not see your company name in the list of suggested companies, hit the <HELP> key and then click on Companies or Equities


Search by Ticker Symbol

If you know the ticker symbol for the company enter:

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> <GO>


Company Financials


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CH1 <GO> for a Financial Summary

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CH2 <GO> for Income Statements

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CH3 <GO> for Balance Sheets

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> EE <GO> for Earning Estimates

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> HE <GO> for a Price/Earnings Ratio Table

Tip: For definitions and information on calculations in a company's financial statement, hit the <HELP> key, then click on "Definitions"


Financial Analysis


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> FA <GO>


Historical Stock Prices


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> HP <GO> for Historical Prices

Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> GP <GO> for a Historical Price Graph with Volume


Finding Options


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> OMON <GO> (OMON = Option Monitor. This will provide all current and future Calls and Puts for the equity.)


Comparative Total Return Analysis

Compares the return of a selected security to its benchmark index and industry group (if available) or to two other selected securities and indices:

Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> COMP <GO>


Total Return Analysis

For an Equity:


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> TRA <GO>

For an Index:


Index Symbol <INDEX> TRA <GO>


Historical Beta


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> BETA


Analyst Recommendations


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> ANR <GO>


Finding Corporate Bonds

Search by Issuer:

Ticker Symbol <CORP> <GO> (This will list all bonds issued by the equity. Choose a specific bond for more information.)

To search for specific bond:

<SRCH> <GO> or Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity <CORP> <GO>

Example: IBM 5.4 01/26/09 <CORP> <GO>


Finding Government Bonds

Enter:  WB <GO> for a listing of benchmark government bonds around the world

To find US Treasury Bonds directly enter:

CT10 <GOVT> <GO> for the 10 year bond or CT5 <GOVT> <GO> for the 5 year (This formula can be used for any US benchmark bond)

To find the 3 month T-Bill enter:   CB3 <GOVT> <GO>

For US Generic Bonds enter:

USGG5YR <INDEX> <GO> for the 5 year or USGG10YR <INDEX> <GO> (This formula can be used for any US generic bond)


Exchange Rates

For Exchange Rates by region enter:


For World Currency Rates enter:



Spot and Forward Rates

For Spot and Forward Rates enter:



Company News


Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> CN <GO>


Using the Graphing Function


G <GO> then choose 1 <GO> to create a new graph. Follow instructions to set-up a graph.


League Tables [for Equity or Bond deals]


LEAG <GO> then choose the appropriate League Table


M&A Analysis



Click on #22 for League Tables


Yield Curves Analysis




Fair Market Curve Indicies




Forward Curve Analysis





To display prices of major futures contracts: