Dinosaurs: Library resources to help with your paper

Geology Library Staff

If you need materials from the Geoscience Library, located at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, send your request by e-mail to: geology@library.columbia.edu

Selected Internet Resources

This is a very select collection of dinosaur resources on the internet. The selected sites are fairly rich in text, images and some multi-media and might be helpful when writing your term paper.

Indexes and Databases

Locating research articles on dinosaurs

  • GeoRef
    Citations and abstracts for publications related to geology.
  • General Science Abstracts
    Covers leading journals and magazines, conferences, review articles in science publications.
  • Biological Abstracts
    Citations and abstracts from life sciences literature.
  • Zoological Record
    Citations to the zoological literature.
  • Animal Behavior Abstracts
    Citations and abstracts for journal articles on animal behavior.
  • Scopus
    Provides indexing, abstracting of and citation linking to journals in many fields
  • Web of Science
    Bibliographic information and cited references across all disciplines.

Locating books & journals

  • Books on dinosaurs and evolution are located in many Columbia libraries including: Geology, Geoscience, Butler, and off site.
  • Books
    Use the CLIO online catalog to locate books in all Columbia Libraries.
  • Science journals
    The journals received in the Columbia Libraries are included in CLIO. The names of the library or libraries owning the titles and the actual volumes held are listed. Most recent journals are also available in full-text online format: E-Journals

Citing your sources

  • Mendeley & Zotero
    Columbia Libraries offer access to several citation management software packages including Mendeley and Zotero. Both support retrieval and storage of references from bibliographic databases and the use of that information in formatting in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies.
  • APA Style Guide (From Purdue)
  • MLA Style Guide (From Purdue)

Contact the library staff if you cannot find what you need!