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British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books. Short-title catalogue of books printed in France and of French books printed in other countries from 1470 to 1600 now in the British Library. Supplement. London : British Library, 1986. viii, 291 p. ; 22 cm.

R015.44 B77 Suppl.

Bibliothèque nationale. Département des imprimés. Catalogue général des livres imprimés. Auteurs. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1897-1981. 231 vols. French imprints up to 1959. Includes 15th-century books. Strictly by personal author. No corporate authors. Invaluable bibliographic tool for French authors. Often lists off-prints and prefaces by famous authors. Foreign books acquired by the National Library are also cataloged. Microfiches updates for the volumes published prior to 1959.

Butler Stacks: Z927.P2
Microfiche supplement in Ref. Room 310: MICFICHE FX3 3172

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Superceded by the online catalog of the BNF:


Bibliothèque nationale, Paris. Departement des imprimés. Catalogue général des livres imprimés. Série 1. Caractères et latins et grecs. Auteurs. Collectivités-auteurs, anonymes, 1960-69. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale; 1972-1 979. 23 vols. Continuation of the Catalogue général for publications since 1960. Unlike its predecessor, this catalog includes corporate headings.

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Brunet, Jacques-Charles. Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres . Paris: Didot; 1860-80; 5th ed. 9 vols. Reprint: Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1966-67; 9 vols. Rare or outstanding books of all periods, especially in French and Latin. Arranged by author or title. With subject indexes.

R011 B831 (v.1-6)

Quérard, Joseph M. La France Littéraire...pendant les XVIIIe et XIXe siècle. Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose; 1984 [reprint]. 12 vols. Includes foreign authors writing in French.

R015.44 Q351

Lorenz, Otto, Daniel Jordell et Henri Stein. Catalogue général de la librairie française, 1840 à 1925. Paris: Ed. Champion, Service bibliographique, Hachette; 1867-1945. Reprint: Nendeln: Liechtenstein, 1966-1967. v.1:1840-1865--v.34: 1922-1925.

Offsite:  AC40 L86; also available from Google Books.

Bibliographie de la France, journal général de l'imprimerie et de la librairie. Paris: Cercle de la Librairie; 1926-1935. Z 2165.B53 (1975-; current issues in Res Ref). Back issues (1857- ) in the stacks (015.44 J82); microfilm for 1934, 1941-43. IIe série, t.LXX-LXXIX in very poor condition. The annual cumulative, Les Livres de l'année: 1933-38, 1946/48-70; 1ère partie: bibliographie; 2e partie: chronique. For current issues, R015.44 J82 (Reading Room North)

Legal depository items and other books cataloged by the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris, listed according to the Universal Decimal Classification, in 24 bi-monthly fascicules with four cumulative indexes per year and 23 supplements. With B.N. call numbers.

The supplements are: I. Publications en série [serials]: 12 issues and an annual index; II. Publications officielles [government publications]: six issues and an index; III. Musique [scores and recordings]: three issues; IV: Atlas, cartes et plans [atlases and maps]: one issue. Indexes are published in microfiche.

Superseded by: Bibliographie nationale française.

Cercle de la Libraire. La Librairie française, catalogue général des ouvrages parus. Paris: Cercle de la Librairie. 29 vols.: 1930-1970. Tables décennales: l946-55, Pt.1 Auteurs et anonymes, 2 v.; Pt. 2, Titres, 1v., l957. 1956-65, Titres, 2 v., Auteurs, 2 v. 1966-75, Titres, 3 v., Auteurs, 3 v., 1979. Title varies.

R015.44 L61;...L613

The old "French Books in Print" based on the Livres de l'Année which cumulated the weekly announcement, «Annonces», in the Bibliographie de la France plus supplementary titles in French which did not appear in the «Annonces». Covers French-language publications in and out of France as well as the publications issued in France in any language.

Biblio, catalogue des ouvrages parus en langue française dans le monde entier. Paris: Huchette; 1935-1971. 1934-1970, v.1-37. Incorporated into Livres de l'année-Biblio since 1972. Dictionary arrangement.

Offsite: 015.44 B47

Les Livres de l'année. 1933-38, 46/48-70. Annual cumulative of the Bibliographe de la France, Partie «Annonces», publishers' list of new titles. Includes also additional, unannounced French language titles, new periodicals and doctoral theses. Succeeded by Les Livres de l'année-Biblio (1971 - )

Les Livres de l'année-Biblio , Bibliographie générale des ouvrages parus en langue français. Bibliographie de la France. Paris: Cercle de la Librairie; 1972-[1979?]. The volumes for 1971-1979 have been received. Dictionary arrangement. Includes translations of foreign language works. For 1981 on, see Un an de nouveautés.

Offsite: 015.44 B471

Books in Print

Les livres disponibles... Paris: Eds. du Cercle de la Librairie. French books in print, a comprehensive list of French-language books in print. The 1995 edition is in six volumes: two volumes each for titles, authors and subjects. The subject section is arranged according to the CDU scheme with a keyword index. Publishers' directory and the list of French language series and collections.

Butler stacks: Z2161.L59  1997-2004; offsite, 1977-96 [some missing years].

Tous les livres au format de poche. Repertoire. 1984. Paris: Eds. du Cercle de la Librairie, 1984. A catalog of small-size paperbacks. Arranged by subject. Translated literary works are listed by language and then by author. Title and author indexes.

Offsite:  Z 2165.C38 & ...C381.


Bibliographie nationale française. Livres : notices etablies par la Bibliothèque nationale. Paris : Bibliothèque nationale, Office general du livre, c1990 -1990, no 1 (3 janv. 1990)

Offsite: Z2165 .B5725
This supersedes: La Bibliographie de la France

Superceded by the online version.

Livres hebdo. Paris: Editions professionelles du livre, 1979- Weekly list of new publications and publishing business news similar to Publisher's Weekly.  Online index available at its website.

Butler stacks Z2165.L8 1996-2012
Offsite: 015.44 J8221 (1979-81)
Current issues:  in the reference office. Inquire at Reference Desk.

Les Livres du mois. Paris: Editions du Cercle de la Librairie, 1972-78; then Editions professionnelles du livre, 1979- (current). Monthly list of new publications. Cumulates the book list of Livres hebdo. Three and Six-month cumulatives: Trois mois de nouveautés [Z2165.T67 (General Library); latest in Ref.] and Six mois de nouveautés.

Offsite: 015.44 J823  1972-84; Butler stacks:  Z2165.B583 1985-2012;  current year: ask at the reference desk.

Un An de nouveautés (Paris, France : 1981) Paris : Editions professionnelles du livre, c1982- 1981- Un an de nouveautés, 1981-. Paris: Editions professionnelles du livre, 1982- Annnual cumulative of the six-month list. Succeeds partly the Livres de l'année-Biblio. Arranged by subject according to the Universal Decimal Classification. Title, author and subject indexes.

Offsite:  Z2165.A52 1981-99.

Francophone Imprints

Catalogue général des ouvrages en langue française, 1926-1929 publié sous la direction de Bernard Dermineur. -- M³nchen ; New York : K.G. Saur, 1987- v. ; 25 cm. [I] Auteurs (3 v.) -- [II] Titres (2 v.) -- [III] Matières (4 v.). ISBN 3598309910 (v.1-v.3). -- ISBN 3598309902 (set)

R015.44 C28


Periodicals: Lists, Directories, etc.

Place, Jean Michel and André Vasseur. Bibliographie des revues et journaux littéraires des XIXe et XXe siècles. Paris: Ed. de la Chronique des lettres françaises; 1973-1977. 3 vols.

R016.05 P69

Lebel, Gustave.Bibliographie des revues et périodiques d'art parus en France de 1746 à 1914. Paris: s.n., 1951; Liechtenstein: Kraus Reprint, 1968.

R016.054 L49

Répertoire de la presse et des publications périodiques françaises. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale, 1958- A catalog of periodicals, started by H. F. Raux. Edited by the Département des périodiques, B.N. First edition (1958): 1956-57; 2nd ed. (196 1): 1957-60; 3rd ed. (1964): 1960-63; 4th ed. (1968): 1963-1966; 5th ed. (1973): 1966-1971; 6th ed. (1981): 1977/1978 in 2 vols.

Offsite: Z 6956.F8 R39

Hatin, Louis Eugène. Bibliographie historique et critique de la presse périodiques française. Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1866; Reprint: Bottega d'Erasmo, Torino, 1960. A catalog of French periodicals from the origin to 1865 in chronological arrangement. Pt. 1: Presse ancienne, 1631-1789; pt.2: Presse Moderne, 1789- . Index by title. Detailed description of each publication in a bibliographic and historical note. Locations of rare items. "Essai historique et statistique sur la naissance et les progres de la presse périodique dans les deux mondes," p.XLI-CXVII.

R016.05 H281

Annuaire de la presse, de la publicité et de la communication. Paris: Ed. du Cercle de la librairie. The 99th edition, 1986. Parisian press, nationaltrade journals, regional papers; directories of journalists, professional organizations, foreign press representatives, advertising agencies and suppliers. Title and personal names indexes. The directory ofjournalists is also indexed by specialties.

Z 6956.F8 A6 Res. Ref.

For individual reviews, journals and newspapers in the Libraries, consult CLIO and for older periodicals, also  the Serials Catalog in Butler 310. Most of the French newspapers in Columbia are found in the Newspaper section of Lehman Library. General magazines, literary reviews and journals in the Humanities and history are in the Butler stacks and Current periodical reading room (Butler 401). Consult the list of foreign newspapers in the Lehman Library microfilm collection at the Reference Desk.

Manuscripts, Rare Books and First Editions

Répertoire des manuscrits littéraires français, XIXe-XXe siècles. Anne Hershenberg-Pierrot. Paris : Bibliothèque Nationale, Département des manuscrits, 1985. x, 206 p. ; 30 cm. ISBN 2717717242

R016.84 H43

Le Petit, Jules. Bibliographie des principales éditions originales d'écrivains français du XVe au XVIIIe siècle. Hildesheim, New York, G. Olms, 1969. vii, 383 (i.e. 583) p. illus. 24 cm. "Reprografischer Nachdruck der Ausgabe Paris 1888." ISBN 348704174X

R016.84 L551

Tchémerzine, Avenir. Bibliographie d'éditions originales et rares d'auteurs français des XVe, XVIe, XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Paris: Marcel Plee; 1927-1934. v.1(1927): "Abbadie"-10(1933/4): "Vincent Voiture". La reproduction facsimile des titr es.

R015.44 C42