Selected Reference Works in Philosophy

General Guides

Bynagle, Hans E. Philosophy: a guide to the reference literature. 2nd ed. 1997. R016.1 B991

Bloomsbury guide to human thought. edited by Kenneth McLeish. 1993. R031 B62.

De George, Richard T. The philosopher's guide to sources, research tools, professional life, and related fields. 1980. R016.1 D26

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Cambridge dictionary of philosophy. Ed. by Robert Audi. 2nd ed. 1999. R103 C14.

A Companion to American thought.   Ed by Richard Wrightman Fox and James T. Kloppenberg. 1995. R973 C73

A Companion to Metaphysics. Ed by Jaegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa. 1995. R110 C73

Blackburn, Simon. Oxford dictionary of philosophy. 1994. R103 B56.

Oxford Companion to Philosophy. Ed by Ted Honderich. 1995. R103 OX25

Encyclopedia of philosophy. Paul Edwards, editor in chief. 8v. 1967. R031 Ed97.
Supplement. Donald M. Borchert, editor in chief. 1996. Reference Desk.

Dictionary of the history of ideas; studies of selected pivotal ideas. Philip P. Wiener, editor in chief. 5v. 1973-74. Reference Desk R031 D56. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Edward Craig, general editor. 10v. 1998. Reference Desk R031 R76.


Directory of American philosophers. 1964- . Latest volume in Butler Reference (Bookcase M) B935 .D5.
Includes a directory of philosophers in the United States and Canada, a directory of philosophical societies in the U.S., a directory of philosophical journals, and directories of departments of philosophy in the U.S. and Canada.

International directory of philosophy and philosophers. 1966- . Latest vol. in Butler Reference (Bookcase M) B35 .I57.

General Bibliographies

Philosopher's Index. 1940- . R051 P54
Comprises two printed indexes: Philosopher's Index: an International Index to Philosophical Periodicals and its retrospective index to U.S. publications, 1940-1966.

Bibliographie de la philosophie on CD. 2000- . Reference LAN.
1937-52/53. 10v. Butler Stacks Z7127 .I5
v.1- 1954- . Butler Stacks Z7127 .I51.
Books only.

International Philosophical Bibliography. 1949- . R016.1 R29
A comprehensive international bibliograpy of books and articles on philosophy. Includes book reviews.

Harvard University. Library. Philosophy and Psychology. 1973. 2v. R016.1 B46
Widener Library Shelflist


Companion to Aesthetics. Ed by David E. Cooper. 1992. R701 C73.

Eastern Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen.
Ed. by Ingrid Fischer-Shreiber et al. 1989. R032 L587.

Guide to Buddhist Philosophy. 1985. R016.294 In1

Guide to Chinese Philosophy. 1978. R016.15 F95

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. Ed. by Ram Shankar Bhattacharya et al. v.1- . 1977- .
v.1: Bibliography. Comp. by Karl H. Potter. 1983. R031 En19

Guide to Indian Philosophy. Karl H. Potter et al. 1988. R016.1 P851.

Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy: Sanskrit terms defined in English. 1996. R031 G881

Women Philosophers

Women Philosophers: A bibliography of books through 1990. 1992. R016.396 B282.

Women philosophers: a bio-critical source book. 1989. R040 K473


Ruben, Douglas H. Philosophy Journals and Serials: an analytical guide. 1985. R016.05 R82.