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Oxford Bibliographies offers exclusive, authoritative research guides. Combining the features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.

Cultural and literary essays include, among others:

Andres Bello

Argentinian Literature

Asian-Peruvian Literature

Cultural History

Printing and the Book

The Chronicle

The Colombian Novel

The Novel of the Mexican Revolution

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 

Second edition (2008) of this authoritative, specialized encyclopedia. Completely searchable full-text reference source. Also available in print.

Cambridge Companion to Modern Latin American Culture

Also available in print. Essays analyze Latin American history, politics, art and literature from the nineteenth century to the present and reveal the common heritage of pre-Columbian and colonial Latin America.

Cambridge Companion to the Latin American Novel 

Also available in print. Offers a broad overview of the novel's history and analyzes in depth several representative works by, for example, Gabriel García Márquez, Machado de Assis, Isabel Allende and Mario Vargas Llosa. Features a comprehensive bibliography and chronology.

Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel

Presents the development of the modern Spanish novel from 1600 to the present. Essays focus on invention and experiment and examine the role played by historical events and cultural contexts in the Spanish novel's evolution. Including a chronology and guide to further reading.

Cambridge History of Latin American Literature 

A comprehensive and authoritative work that covers Latin American literature (including Brazilian) from pre-Columbian times to the present, and contain chapters on Latin American writing in the USA.

Cambridge History of Spanish Literature

A comprehensive history of Spanish literature that surveys the range of Spanish literature from the early Middle Ages to the present day. The "classics" of the canon of eleven centuries of Spanish literature are fully covered, but attention is also paid to lesser known writers and works.

Diccionario biográfico español [Print]

El primer diccionario de biografías para el mundo hispánico. 25 volumes published to date (A-H). Real Academia de la Historia. 2009.

Dictionary of Latin American cultural studies [Online]

A reference work containing 54 entries defining and explaining generally accepted cultural studies terms as well as those specific to the study of Latin American culture. Also available in print.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures

This three-volume Encyclopedia offers more than 4000 entries on all aspects of the dynamic and exciting contemporary cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its coverage is unparalleled with more than 40 regions discussed and a time-span of 1920 to the present day. "Culture" is broadly defined to include food, sport, religion, television, transport, alongside architecture, dance, film, literature, music and sculpture.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture [Online]

Also available in print. Some 750 alphabetically-arranged entries provide insights into the exciting cultural and political developments within Spain, including the cultures of Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque country. Coverage spans from the end of the Civil War in 1939 to the present day, with emphasis on the changes made since the demise of the Franco dictatorship in 1975.

Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean literature, 1900-2003
Credo Reference Edition
NetLibrary Edition

This encyclopedia draws together entries on all aspects of literature including authors, critics, major works, magazines, genres, schools and movements in these regions from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. 

Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater

Latin American culture has given birth to numerous dramatic works, though it has often been difficult to locate information about these plays and playwrights. This volume traces the history of Latin American theater, including the Nuyorican and Chicano theaters of the United States, and surveys its history from the pre-Columbian period to the present.

Literary Cultures of Latin America : a Comparative History [Print]

This set features 205 signed articles from 242 scholars in 22 countries and claims to be "the largest comparative history project in the world." It covers five centuries of various multidisciplinary aspects (including historical, political, social, economical, and geographical) of Latin American culture on the grounds that literature responds to and enriches the culture from which it derives.

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Criticism

An indispensable resource for scholars and students of literary theory and discourse.

Scribner Writers Online Series

Bio-critical essays on the lives and works of more than 1,400 important authors from around the world. Entries include concise essays, citations, and biographical information that places the author's work in personal and historical context.

Specific Volumes include: 

Latin American Writers 1989

Latin American Writers (Supplement 1) 2002

Latino and Latina Writers 2003

Twayne's Authors Online

Offers "in-depth introductions to the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements and to the development of literary genres." This database contains the contents of the three print series United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors.

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Call Number Ranges for Latin American Studies  (PDF)

An exhaustive breakdown of the LC call numbers for Latin American Studies.


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MLA International Bibliography

Indexes critical materials on literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore. Proved access to citations from worldwide publications, including periodicals, books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations and bibliographies. Some full-text and links to additional full-text. Coverage: 1923 - present.

Bibliografía de la literatura Española desde 1980 (BLE)

Bibliography of scholarly works published since 1980 about Spanish literature.

Handbook of Latin American Studies 

HLAS Online (Coverage: 1936 - present)
HLAS WEB (Coverage: 1990 - present)

An annotated, authoritative bibliography on Latin America since 1936, The Handbook of Latin American Studies is edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress. It covers books and published reports in addition to journal articles. The tables of contents from print volume 50 (1990) to the present may be browsed. 

HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index) 

Covers Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the US-Mexico border, and Hispanics in the US. Index to citations from over 500 Latin American studies journals with links to full-text articles. Coverage: 1970 to the present.


Index of academic journals from Spain and Latin America with links to some full text. Has some full-text theses from Spanish universities.

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eBook Collections and Digital Libraries

Alexander Street Literature

Searchable collection of poetry, short fiction, and novels, along with full-text plays and film scripts. Includes these collections:

  • Black Short Fiction and Folklore
  • Caribbean Literature
  • Latin American Women Writers
  • Latino Literature

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Extensive site offering links to full-text collections of major literary authors and historical works

Brasiliana Eletronica (Coleção Brasiliana)

Editada originalmente pela Companhia Editora Nacional no período de 1931 a 1993, a Coleção Brasiliana reúne 415 volumes de autores brasileiros e estrangeiros que retrataram o país nos campos da História, Sociologia, Antropologia e História Natural, entre muitos outros. Part of the Series "Biblioteca pedagógica brasileira."


With an interface in English and Spanish, Digitalia offers a large, expanding catalog of ebooks and ejournals from Spanish and Latin American publishers in digital format. Many titles, but not all, are cataloged in CLIO.

José Martí. Obras completas. Edición crítica

En esta edición, recoge la totalidad de la producción de José Martí (1853-1895), conocida hasta el presente, y también nuevos materiales localizados durante su preparación. Also available in print.

Life and Times of Jorge Luis Borges

This database includes bibliographic citations to works by and about Borges, selected full-text articles and reference material including photographs, documents, complete transcriptions of all of his work, and an encyclopedia of Borges.

Los Primeros Libros de las Américas: Impresos Mexicanos del Siglo XVI en las Bibliotecas del Mundo 

A digital collection of the first books printed in Mexico before 1601. These monographs represent the first printing in the New World and provide primary sources for scholarly studies focused on a variety of academic fields. Approximately 220 unique titles are held in institutions around the world with most held in Mexico and the United States. The project currently brings together 15 partner institutions in Mexico, the United States, South America, and Europe.

SciELO Livros

The SciELO Books Portal publishes national and thematic collections of academic books online published by FIOCRUZ, UFBA and UNESP. Includes Open Access ebooks as well as titles for purchase.

Digital Collections

Digital Collections and Databases

Life and Times of Jorge Luis Borges

This database includes bibliographic citations to works by and about Borges, selected full-text articles and reference material including photographs, documents, complete transcriptions of all of his work, and an encyclopedia of Borges.

Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro

Contains the full text of the earliest available editions of the most important plays of the sixteenth and seventeenth century in Spain. More than 800 plays by 16 dramatists are included with associated texts, stage directions, and frontmatter.

Sur Digital Archive

Covers full-text of the Revista Sur (1931-1992) published in Buenos Aires. A major literary journal.

Language Dictionaries & Corpus

Language Dictionaries & Corpus

Diccionario de autoridades [Print]

Publicado entre 1726 y 1739, fue el primer diccionario de la lengua castellana editado por la Real Academia Española, fundamento de lo que hoy se conoce como el Diccionario de la lengua española.

Diccionario de términos clave de ELE [Online]

Una obra de consulta para la resolución de dudas concretas. (Instituto Cervantes)

Diccionario de la lengua española [Online]

The DRAE is the most authoritative dictionary of the Spanish language. Published by the Real Academia Española (RAE).

Diccionario panhispánico de dudas [Online]

The Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubts guides users throughout the proper use of the Spanish language. It provides recommendations presented with examples that have been extracted from real texts originating from the databases of the Real Academia Española (RAE).

Nuevo Tesoro Lexicográfico de la Lengua Española

A searchable database containing digital facsimiles over 60 of the most important dictionaries in the history of Spanish lexicography, dating from 1495 to the present. You can search subsets of this collection. Use accents and other diacritical marks when entering search terms.

Nuevo tesoro lexicográfico del español, s. XIV-1726 [Print]

Arco Libros. 11 vols. 2007.

El Nuevo Tesoro Lexicográfico del Español (s.xiv-1726) es el resultado de muchos años de trabajos para poder disponer de un corpus glossariorum como nunca antes había tenido la Lengua Española. Sin ser un diccionario histórico en sentido estricto, el NTLE sí es un antecedente de él, puesto que muestra la historia de infinidad de palabras del español a través de los diccionarios, glosarios y otros textos, que van desde el s. xiv hasta 1726. Estas fechas tienen su justificación: la primera obedece a que con anterioridad a la publicación del Vocabulario de romance en latín de Antonio de Nebrija (¿1495?). La fecha término del NTLE, esto es, 1726, corresponde a la aparición del Diccionario de Autoridades, primer diccionario académico, con el que se abre un nuevo periodo en la historia de nuestra lexicografía.

Tesoro de la lengua castellana o española [Print]

Esta edición integral e ilustrada incluye por primera vez todos los testimonios de Covarrubias, el "Tesoro" y el "Suplemento". Por primera vez se puede manejar todo el conjunto, según hubiera querido su autor. Incluye un DVD con la versión electrónica y con el facsímil fotográfico tanto de la edición de 1611 como del manuscrito del "Suplemento".

Digital Facsimile (1611 edition. Fondo Antiguo, Universidad de Sevilla)

Corpus del español (BYU)

This 100 million word corpus of Spanish texts has been funded by the NEH and has been created by Prof. Mark Davies of Brigham Young University. In addition to being very fast, the search engine allows a wider range of searches than almost any other large corpus in existence.

Corpus del Diccionario Histórico (CDHE)

El corpus del Nuevo diccionario histórico del español (CDHE) consta de 355 740 238 registros, que se distribuyen en tres capas de consulta: 1) Corpus nuclear del NDHE, 2) S. XII-1975 y 3) 1975-2000. 

Corpus de Referencia del Español Actual (CREA) 

El CREA consta formas pertenecientes a textos procedentes de todos los países hispánicos y producidos entre 1975 y 2004. Todos los detalles acerca de número de textos, número de formas por países, temas, tipos de texto, etc. pueden obtenerse, como en las versiones anteriores, a través de la consulta de la nómina. Real Academia Española.

Corpus Diacrónico del Español (CORDE) 

Un corpus textual de todas las épocas y lugares en que se habló español, desde los inicios del idioma hasta el año 1975, en que limita con el Corpus de referencia del español actual (CREA). El CORDE está diseñado para extraer información con la que estudiar las palabras y sus significados, así como la gramática y su uso a través del tiempo. Real Academia Española.

Glosario Electrónico de Términos Lingüísticos / Electronic Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Edited by J. Albert Bickford and David Tuggy for the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Mexico.

Wikilengua del español

La Wikilengua es un recurso sobre el uso del castellano, donde se pueden consultar, con una orientación esencialmente práctica, dudas frecuentes y que se puede ir extendiendo y corrigiendo con la colaboración de la propia comunidad.

Web Portals & Blogs

Web Portals & Blogs

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cevantes

This large-scale digital library comprises the largest open-access repository of digitized Spanish-language historical texts and literature from the Ibero-American world.

El Boomeran(g): El blog literario latinoamericano

"El Boomeran(g) es el blog literario latinoamericano, quizá el único portal abierto en la galaxia Google para ofrecer la más destacada información literaria en español." Features audio, critical essays, a forum, excerpts from unpublished works, and more.


Literatura contemporanea de cerca / Contemporary Literature Up-Close

Centro Virtual Cervantes: Lengua
Centro Virtual Cervantes: Literatura

El CVC es un sitio de Internet para contribuir a la difusión de la lengua española y las culturas hispánicas.

Essay & Science ensayo y ciencia

"The works selected for the Essay and Science web provide a panoramic view of the most notable achievements of essayists and scientists who think and write in Spanish."

LANIC: Literature  
LANIC: Languages  
Cordel: Literatura popular em verso  

O Acervo de Literatura Popular em Versos da Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, o maior da América Latina, atualmente com mais de 9.000 folhetos de cordel foi formado a partir da década de 1960 e, dessa iniciativa resultou uma extensa bibliografia, composta de catálogos, antologias e estudos especializados.