Middle East & North Africa Resources in Lehman Library

Current Information Sources in Lehman Library

This is a short list of information sources, bibliographies, and indexes about the Middle East (including North Africa). Please ask the Reference staff or the Middle East Studies Librarian for other suggestions.

Resources marked with this symbol are restricted to Columbia affiliates.

  • Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa
    DS44 .C37 1988
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS): Daily Reports
    Daily reports by region, including the Middle East and Africa. Individual countries can be selected.
  • Rosenberg, Jerry M. Encyclopedia of the Middle East peace program and the Middle East/North Africa economic community
    DS119.76 .R67 1997
  • Encyclop√¶dia of the modern Middle East. 1996
    DS43.E53 1996
  • Handbook of political science research on the Middle East and North Africa. 1998.
    JQ1758.A58 1998
  • An historical encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli conflict. 1996
    DS119.7 .H544 1996
  • Middle East.
    DS44 .M495 1988
  • Middle East and North Africa. Annual. 1948- .
    DS49 .M58
  • Middle East contemporary survey. Annual.
    DS43 .M54
  • Middle East international. Biweekly. 1971- .
    DS63.1 .M54
  • Mostyn, Trevor. Major political events in Iran, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, 1945-1990.
    DS326 .M64 1991
  • Muslim peoples: a world ethnographic survey. 2d ed. 2 vols.
    DS35.625 .A1 M87 1984
  • Political encyclopedia of the Middle East. 1999.
    DS62.8 .P64 1999
  • Washington report on Middle East affairs. Monthly. 1982- .
    DS63 .W48

For individual countries, see the Area Handbook Series prepared by the Library of Congress and sponsored by the Department of the Army. You can locate series volumes in CLIO under title Area Handbook Series and under individual title, [Name of Country], a country study.

Current Literature Sources in Lehman Library Reference or Online

This short list of important bibliographies and indexes will help you find books, articles and other printed materials on the Middle East (including North Africa). Please ask the Reference staff or the Middle East Studies Librarian, for other suggestions.

  • Guide to Islam.
    Z7835 .M6 G84 1983
  • Index of Islamic literature. Vol. 8, 1987- . Irregular.
    Z7835 .M6 M88
  • International development abstracts. Bimonthly. 1982- .
    HC59.7 .I11
  • International political science abstracts. Bimonthly. 1951- .
    JA36 .I5
  • Kimball, Michelle, et al. Muslim women throughout the world: a bibliography. 1997
    Z7963.I74K56 1997
  • MECAS--Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies. 1900-.
  • Middle East: abstracts and index. Annual. 1978- .
    Z3013 .M54
  • Middle East journal. Monthly. 1947- .
    See special section Bibliography of Periodical Literature in each issue.
    Current issues in Lehman Periodical Room; Lehman stacks - DS 1 .M58
  • PAIS international. Monthly. 1915- .
    Z7163 .P922
  • Silverburg, Sanford R. Middle East bibliography.
    Z3013 .S54 1992
  • Social sciences abstracts. Quarterly. 1974-
    Z7161 .S651
  • Social sciences citation index. Triannual. 1956- .
    Z7161 .S65
  • U.S. foreign relations with the Middle East and North Africa: a bibliography.
    DS63.2 .U5 S55 1994g

For individual countries, see the World Bibliographical Series published by ABC-CLIO. You can locate them in CLIO under title World Bibliographical Series, then under country name.

U.S. Government Documents, Lehman Library, has reports on international and domestic affairs published by the United States government, as well as collections of statistical publications from international organizations, and declassified documents.