Electronic Resources

This is a selected list of electronic journals available through Columbia University Libraries, and on the internet.  Please send comments and questions to: slavic@library.columbia.edu

Resources marked with this symbol are restricted to Columbia affiliates.

E-Journal Collections

  • Central and East European Online Library
    CEEOL contains the full text of over two hundred scholarly journals from central and eastern Europe. The archive depth varies from title to title, with most available from about 2002-to present. Journals are in national vernacular languages, with some in English, and occasionally French or German.
  • East View Universal Database of Russian Publications
    This service contains the full text of several hundred newspapers and news wires from across the Russian Federation, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic states. Additionally, there are collections of major Russian scholarly journals in the social sciences, humanities and military & security studies, Russian government publications. Most of the content is in Russian, some is in Ukrainian, but there is also a very large amount of material presented in English, including the Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press.
  • ISI Emerging Markets
    ISI Emerging markets is a global service of news, business, financial and legal information in full-text electronic form. ISI contains individual sections for over 60 countries in Eurasia, Latin America, South America, Africa and Asia. The Eastern European, Central Asian and Russian sections offer much coverage of general news and economic events that is otherwise unavailable in the Columbia system.
  • J-STOR
    Includes the full text of several journals on Russian & East European Studies.  ISSUES FROM THE MOST RECENT 2-5 YEARS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE.
  • Project Muse
    Project Muse contains only two titles devoted expressly to Russian & East European studies, but there is much relevant material in other journals on general literary, historical and political topics.  Searchable and browsable.

Research Databases

    The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES) indexes  North American scholarship on East-Central Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. The bibliography contains records for journal articles, books and book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, online resources, and selected government publications from 1986 to the present.
  • Ceska elektronicka knihovna : plnotextova databaze ceske poezie 19. a pocatku 20. stoleti
    A freely-accessible, full-text database of Czech poetry of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Produced by the Institute of Czech literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
  • Drevnerusskie berestanye gramoty
    A freely accessible database and resource for the paleographic examination of old Russian manuscripts on birch bark dating from the 11th to 15th century discovered at archaeological sites in north west Russia.
        NOTE: The site contains texts that requires special fonts (links provided on the site) that cannot be loaded onto public terminals in the Columbia University Libraries.
  • East View UDB Statistics
    Contains the full text, tables, graphs & charts of the main publications of the Statistical Committees of the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Also included is the full text of the 2002 All-Russian census. Most of the text is in Russian, but many of the texts are presented in parallel English translations. The table headings are usually presented in both Russian and English, and are fully searchable.
  • East View Russian National Bibliography
    This is a fully searchable combined presentation of the main bibliographic publications published by Knizhnaia palata (the Russian Book Chamber). These allow searching the citations of all books, journal articles, dissertations, book reviews, maps, and other materials that have been registered by Knizhnaia Palata since 1998.
  • EIU Country Data
    EIU CountryData is a powerful database of annual, quarterly and monthly economic indicators and forecasts. EIU CountryData gives you access to 317 series on 150 countries and 45 regional aggregates, running from 1980 and forecasting out five years. For the 60 most important markets, key variables are additionally projected to 2030 in order to facilitate business planning.
  • Fundamentalnaia elektronnaia biblioteka (FEB-web)
    FEB-web is a freely accessible internet repository of primary, secondary, and reference texts on Russian literature from the 11th to 20th centuries. The selection of texts is extensive and growing, but not yet comprehensive.
  • MLA Bibliography
    The MLA Bibliography indexes critical materials on literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore. Proved access to citations from worldwide publications, including periodicals, books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations and bibliographies.
  • Polling the Nations
    Polling the Nations contains polling data taken on a variety of subjects all over the world. Each record in the database consists of one poll question and the participants' responses. Records are indexed by subject matter, publication year, general and specific location, and survey method. Other information provided includes: source name and contact information, sample size, and notes on the sample population.
  • Ves' Dostoevskii
    This is a freely available database devoted to the work of F.M.Dostoyevsky, and includes the complete concordance to Dostoyevsky's complete works.

Selected Electronic Journals