Eastern Europe

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Current Information Sources

This is a short list of factual information sources on Eastern Europe; all are located in the Reference area, unless another location is given. Please contact ref-global@columbia.edu for more help.  

  • Country reports: Central and Eastern Europe 1991: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary. [Eurostat]
    CLIO record
  • Daily report. East Europe/Foreign Broadcast Information Service. 1947-.
    CLIO record (1959-1968)
    CLIO record (microfiche, 1987-)
    CLIO record (index, 1978-1986)
    Current two-years of content available online at World News Connection
  • LexisNexis academic
    Business, political, and economic news from newspapers, magazines, wire services.
  • Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Biennial? 1992- .
    CLIO record
  • Handbook of reconstruction in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
    CLIO record
  • Joint Publications Research Service [JPRS]. 1974-.
    CLIO record (microprint)
  • Political and economic encyclopedia of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
    CLIO record
  • RFE/RL research report. [Continues: Report on Eastern Europe] Weekly. 1992-.
    CLIO record
  • Summary of world broadcasts. Pt. 2: Central Europe and the Balkans. Daily, with weekly economic report. 1962-2001.
    CLIO record
    Current issues available through LexisNexis academic
  • Szajkowski, Bogdan. Encyclopaedia of conflicts, disputes and flashpoints in Eastern Europe, Russia and the successor states.
    CLIO record
  • Yearbook on international Communist affairs. 1966-1991.
    CLIO record

For individual countries, see the Area Handbook Series prepared by the Library of Congress and sponsored by the Department of the Army. You can locate series volumes in CLIO under title Area Handbook Series and under individual title, [Name of Country], a country study. Current editions are in the Reference area, in paper and on Countries of the World CD-ROM.

Note: The Business Library Reference Dept., 130 Uris, has a complete collection of the Country Reports and Country Profiles, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. These quarterly publications contain the latest statistical information on each country. To find the call numbers on CLIO, do a title search on the general title plus the name of the country. For example: t=country report bulgaria

Current Literature Sources

This short list of important bibliographies and indexes will help you find books, articles and other printed materials on Eastern Europe. Please ask the Reference staff or the Russian & East European Studies Librarian (306 Lehman Library), for other suggestions.

For individual countries, see the World Bibliographical Series published by ABC-CLIO. You can locate them in CLIO under title World Bibliographical Series, then under country name.

U.S. Government Documents in Lehman Library has reports on international and domestic affairs published by the United States government, as well as collections of statistical publications from international organizations, and declassified documents.

You may also wish to consult the Russian, Eurasian & East European Studies page.