The European Union

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Background Information

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  • European Integration Current Contents
    European Integration Current Contents provides access to the tables of contents of journals relevant in European Integration research - law, human rights, economics, history and political sciences. Currently it covers 101 journals published in nine languages and 14 countries. Where available, abstracts are also included. It is keyword searchable.
  • European Research Papers Archive (ERPA)
    A searchable database of online working papers in the field of European integration research.
  • Historical Abstracts
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News Resources

  • Agence Europe News Service.
    Brussels : Agence Europe, 1973-
    Consists of Europe Daily Bulletin, Europe Library, Europe Documents.
    Web version available as part of Factiva
  • Central Europe Online
    General news, business and economic news, cultural and travel information for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • Daily Report: Western Europe/FBIS. 1974-1996.
    Also on microfiche in Lehman Library
    Daily summarized translations of major political and economic news from European newspapers, radio, television, and wire services.
    Continued by: FBIS Publications World News Connection, described below.
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit
    Includes full-text databases, e.g. Country Reports, regional newsletters, and a time series database providing information and data on over 190 countries. Information is presented as analysis, briefings, commentary, or forecasts. The time series database provides 270 series for 115 countries.
  • EU Focus
    "In-depth treatment of important European issues and the transatlantic relationship," from the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.
  • EU Insight
    "A timely EU issue brief with special attention to EU/US relations," from the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States.
  • EU News
    Washington D.C., Delegation of the Commission
  • EUbusiness
    Information available at the site includes European Union (EU) law, business and news developments in Europe, finance and EU programs. The site also keeps track of European Commission proposals and the progress of draft legislation.
  • EuroNews
    Video excerpts (with transcriptions) from the various EU public broadcasting stations, in all EU languages.
  • Europa Press Room
  • Europe Today
    Europe Today is a news programme about Europe, for Europe. It is broadcast from the BBC World Service in London, but includes views and perspectives from every part of the continent, assembled by a pan-European team of radio journalists. It can be read onsite or listened to via RealAudio.
  • European Public Opinion Analysis
    Official EU polling information, including Eurobarometer and Europinion.
  • European Voice Online
    The website of European Voice, a Brussels-based weekly newspaper published by The Economist Group and devoted entirely to European affairs.
  • LexisNexis Academic
    Full-text database of over 18,000 sources including newspapers, journals, wire services, newsletters, company reports and SEC filings, case law, government documents, transcripts of broadcasts, and more.
  • World News Connection
    The internet version of FBIS Publications, 1996-present. WNC provides foreign news, translated and updated daily, searchable in a variety of ways, including a listing of today's top headlines

European Union Resources

  • Centre for European Reform
    The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future of the European Union.
  • European and Canadian Affairs
    A web site from the U.S. Dept. of State, includes sections on the New Transatlantic Agenda, NATO, Information on U.S. Embassies in Europe, Contacts in the State Dept., and links to Dept. of State publications about Europe
  • European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
    The European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity was founded in January 1993. It was established by the social democratic parties and political foundations from EU countries as a joint institution dedicated to support the transformation and democratisation processes in Central and Eastern Europe and to function as a platform for co-operation with social democratic oriented personalities, groups and parties in the region.
  • European Governments on the Web: from Gunnar Anzinger
  • EuroStudies
    EuroStudies is part of the Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) in the UK. It provides links to information about all European countries, including Articles/Papers/Reports, Data, Government Publications, Governmental Bodies, Journals (Full Text), News, Organizations/Societies, and Research Projects/Centres.
  • The European Library
    Searches the content of European national libraries
  • George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
  • Maps of Europe
    The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Statewatch Database
    Searchable database which monitors the state and civil liberties in the UK and Europe

The Lisbon Treaty

Other European IGOs/NGOs

European Studies in the United States

Official Publications of the European Union

European Commission service offering user-friendly and interactive information on the European Union's goals, institutions and policies, with links to all of the Union's component institutions and databases.

Guide to EU Document Citations

If the citation looks like this: The document is from this publication:
OJ C309 19.11.87 p.3 Official Journal C (Information and Notices)
OJ l86 17.3.87 p.5 Official Journal L (Legislation)
COM (87)685 COM (Commission of the EU) Documents
CES (88)745 CES (Economic and Social Committee) Opinions and Reports
PE Doc A2-74/88 EP Reports (European Parliament Reports) a.k.a. Working Papers
3.388/196 Debates of the European Parliament
85/870/EEC or 1220/88

A Decision, Directive, Regulation or Agreement

Consult the OJ Index, for the OJ L number

European Union Documents

European Union Documents

The New York University Law Library is an official depository for European Union documents. All of the items in this section can be found there. Anyone can use the EU depository materials, upon request.

  • Accessing European Parliament Documentation.
    Lanham, MD : UNIPUB, 1993.
    Call Number: Z 7165 .E8 A32 1993g
  • Bulletin of the European Union. Monthly. 1975-
    Call Number: JX1981 .B8701
  • Directory of Community Legislation in Force (EUR-Lex)
    Call Number: JX 1981 .R261
    The Directory of Community legislation in force is a subject index in two volumes of current legislation, one alphabetical and the other chronological. It is updated and re-issued every six months.
  • General Report on the Activities of the European Union. Annual.
    Call Number: HC 241.2 .A1 E91
  • "Green Papers"
    Documents presented for public discussion and debate.
  • Official Journal of the European Communities.
    The Official Journal is published every working day. Columbia's holdings can be found at the Columbia University Diamond Law Library, as below.
    • Information and Notices - the "C" series. 1973-
      Call Number: KJE 908 .I54
          Covers a wide range of Union information, such as Commission proposals for legislation, reports of the progress of cases before the Court of Justice, written questions put by the European Parliament to the Council and the Commission together with their relative answers, the current exchange rate of the European currency unit (the ECU), invitations to tender for agricultural and animal products, the annual report of the Court of Auditors, competition notices for job vacancies in the EC institutions, opinions of the Economic and Social Committee, etc.
    • Invitations for Public Tenders - the "S" series.
          Since the advent of the single market, all invitations to tender for public works, services and supply contracts must be publicised throughout the EU (contracts for construction projects worth more than ECU 5 000 000, supply and services contracts worth more than ECU 200 000). These are published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities.
    • Legislation - the "L" series. 1973-
      Call Number: KJE 908 .L31
          Contains all the legislative acts and regulations whose publication is obligatory under the Treaties establishing the European Communities, as well as a large number of acts that do not carry a statutory obligation to publish.
    • Debates of the European Parliament. 1987-
      Call Number: JX 1984 .E12 D31
    • Index to the Official Journal of the European Communities.
      Call Number: KJE 908.2 .I531
          The monthly and annual indexes consist of two volumes: Volume I: Alphabetical Index, and Volume II: Methodological Tables (numerical index). These volumes are used in tandem, the indexed items in the Alphabetical Index referring to the titles of the documents in the Methodological Tables.
  • Texts Adopted by the European Parliament. Monthly.
    Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1987-
    Call Number: JX 1984.E12 T314
  • Treaties
    Texts of all of the founding and consolidating treaties of the European Community and European Union.
  • "White Papers"
    Documents presenting a detailed and debated policy both for discussion and political decision.
  • EU Whoiswho, the Official Directory of the European Union
    Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005-

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