Social Work Library Agency Collection

Social Work Library Agency Collection

For many years the primary publications in the practice-oriented profession of social work were produced by agencies in the field. Columbia's Social Work Library is one of the few institutions that made a systematic effort to collect and organize this information generally regarded as ephemera. The resulting body of material, the Agency Collection, has proven an invaluable resource to social work/social welfare historians and to social scientists in general. Though it remains part of the Social Work collection, the Agency Collection is currently housed in Lehman Library at 420 West 118th Street.

The Agency Collection contains material from domestic and foreign voluntary and public social service agencies, institutions, and organizations. This semi-cataloged collection (circa 1934-1970) spans a broad range of subjects including social work, social service, families and children, day care, aging, health and mental health, alcoholism and drug addiction, and social and physical rehabilitation. The majority of the material was produced in the form of general and annual reports, conference and workshop proceedings, position papers and training and case documents.

Access to the approximately 35,000 volumes in the collection is provided through Dictionary Catalog of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Library of Social Work, Columbia University, New York (call number Z 7164 .C4 C5), a published catalog of the collection which is available in the Reference Collections at Lehman Library and the Social Work Library.

An estimated 25-30% of the collection is in brittle condition. For selected examples of materials in the Agency Collection, please see the following list:

American Association & National Association of School Social Workers, 1942-1953

American Association for Organizing Family Social Work, 1924-1930

American Association for Social Security, Inc. 1924-1930

American Association for the Study of Group Work, and American Association of Group Workers, 1936-1955

American Association of Hospital Social Workers, 1928-1934

American Association of Medical Social Workers, 1934-1954

American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers, 1932-1955

American Association of Schools of Social Work, 1933-1951

American Association of Schools of Social Work, New York City Chapter, 1932-1956

American Association of Social Workers, 1921-1955

American Prison Association, 1908-1954

American Public Welfare Association, 1932-

Association for the Study of Community Organization, 1947-1952

Baltimore Charity Organization Society, 1883-1907

Boston Provident Association, 1851-1946

Buffalo Charity Organization Society, 1878-1937

Canadian Conference on Social Work, 1928-1962

Child Welfare League of America, Inc. 1921-

Children's Aid Society, New York, 1853-

Columbia University School of Social Work, 1963-

Community Service Society of New York, 1939-

Family Service Association of America, 1946-

Family Welfare Association of America, 1930-1944

Germantown Relief Society, 1876-1951

Great Britain. The Local Government Board, 1871-1919

Great Britain. Poor Law Board, 1848, 1871

Great Britain. Poor Law Commissioners of England & Wales, 1834-1871

Indiana Board of State Charities, 1891-1921

International Congress of Charities, Correction and Philanthropy, Chicago, 1893

Kansas. Board of Administration, 1917-1950

Kansas. Board of Trustees of the State Charitable Institutions, 1887-1904

London Charity Organization Society, 1872-1934

Massachusetts. State Board of Charity, 1879-1919

Massachusetts. State Board of Insanity, 1899-1915

Milbank Memorial Fund, 1923-

Minnesota. Board of Control, 1900-1938

Mobilization for Youth, 1958-1968

National Association for the Study of Group Work, 1936

National Association of Social Workers, 1955-

National Child Labor Committee, 1905-1959

National Conference of Catholic Charities, 1910-1967

National Conference on Charities and Correction, 1874-1916

National Conference of Jewish Charities, 1900-1918

National Conference of Jewish Social Service, 1919-1936

National Conference of Juvenile Agencies, 1919-1954

National Conference of Social Work, 1917-1956

National Conference on Backward, Truant and Delinquent Children, 1904-1918

National Conference on Social Welfare, 1957-

National Prison Association, 1904-1907

National Probation Association, 1907-1946

New Orleans Charity Organization Society, 1896-1924

New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 1845-1938

New York Charity Organization Society, 1882-1938

New York City Conference of Charities and Correction, 1910-1928

New York (City). Dept. of Public Charities, 1902-1919

New York (City). Dept. of Public Charities and Correction, 1875-1895

New York City Welfare Council, 1928-1949

New York School of Philanthropy, 1898-1917

New York School of Social Work, 1917-1963

New York State Charities Aid Association, 1872-1967

New York State Conference on Charities and Correction, 1900-1927

New York State Conference on Social Work, 1928-1949

New York (State). State Board of Charities, 1868-1927

New York (State). State Board of Social Welfare, 1929-1938

Ohio. Board of State Charities, 1876-1898

Pennsylvania. Report of the Board of Public Charities, 1870-1917

Philadelphia Society for Organizing Charity, 1879-1915

Rhode Island. Board of State Charities and Corrections, 1869-1947

Russell Sage Foundation, 1908-

Social Work Research Group, 1949-1955

United Hebrew Charities of the City of New York, 1881-1913

U.S. Children's Bureau, 1912-

U.S. National Resources Planning Board, 1939-1943

U.S. Social Security Board, 1935-1946

University of Iowa. Studies in Child Welfare, 1921-1944