Think Tanks



    An independent, not-for-profit organization registered under the Indian Societies Act that carries out policy research and advocacy on issues around trade and development, with a focus on South Asia.
  • Centre de Sciences Humaines – New Delhi
    Part of the network of 27 research centers of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Center’s activities are primarily oriented towards the study of issues concerning the contemporary dynamics of development in India, in its regional and international context.
  • Centre for Policy Research 
    An independent and non-partisan research institute and think tank based in New Delhi providing leadership and creative solutions to pressing intellectual and policy issues.
  • Centre for Study of Society and Secularism 
    Its objective is to study the problems of communalism & secularism and organize inter-faith dialog.
  • Chennai Centre for China Studies
    A non-profit public policy think tank, with the objective to carry out in-depth study of developments relating to China with priority to issues of concern to India.
  • CSDS - Centre for the Study of Developing Societies 
    A premier institute in social sciences and humanities that provides unique institutional space which seeks to nurture intellectual interests outside the boundaries of academic disciplines.
  • Delhi Policy Group (DPG)
    Aims to develop strategic and integrated outlook on policy issues, to help create an environment for India’s emergence as a politically stable and economically viable nation.
  • IDSA : Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses 
    Considered to be the premier strategic and security studies Think Tank in India.
  • Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
    Focuses on linking India to the World Economy by engaging in research, facilitating dialog and influencing policies.
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research 
    Promotes and conducts research on development (in its economic, technological, social, political and ecological aspects) from a broad inter- disciplinary perspective; to gain insights into the process of development and alternative policy options and to disseminate the knowledge so gained.
  • Institute for Conflict Management
    A non-profit society set up in 1997 in New Delhi committed to the continuous evaluation and resolution of problems of internal security in South Asia.
  • Institute for Defence Studies & Analyses
    A premier strategic and security studies Think Tank in India.
  • Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies 
    Conducts independent research on conventional and non-conventional issues security issues in the South Asia region and shares its findings with policy makers and public.
  • Observer Research Foundation 
    An endeavour to aid and influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India.
  • Sapra India Foundation 
    India-based not-for-profit think tank which focuses on peace and conflict studies, political risk, terrorism and security related issues pertinent to South Asia.
  • Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict 
    An independent non-profit, non-partisan research organization based in New Delhi, dedicated to conduct rigorous and comprehensive research, and work towards disseminating information through commentaries and analyses on a broad spectrum of issues relating to peace, conflict and human development.
  • South Asia Analysis Group
    A non profit, non commercial think tank. Its objective is to advance strategic analysis and contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and International security and promote public understanding.
  • Strategic Foresight Group
    A think tank engaged in anticipating and influencing the future in uncertain times. It produces scenarios, creates policy concepts and facilitates political processes. It advises governments and business leaders and informs the public on future trends as well as discontinuities.
  • New Asia Forum 
    An initiative of the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS). It serves as a dedicated network of think tanks and individuals in Asia devoted to assist in the process of regional integration and exchange of ideas in policy research.
  • National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)
    An independent, non-profit research institution committed to assist government, civil society and private sector to make informed policy decisions. Encourages research on Indian themes using Indian data.


  • Institute of Foreign Affairs 
    Started as an intergral part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993, reconstituted as a semi-autonomous body in 1998, and now considered a think-tank on foreign policy issue.


  • CPDI Pakistan
    The Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, Pakistan is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit civil society organization.
  • Institute of Regional Studies
    An independent, non-profit research centre devoted to the study of the region around Pakistan.
  • Institute of Strategic Studies
    An autonomous non-profit research organisation devoted to providing an in-depth understanding and objective analysis of regional and global strategic issues, affecting international peace and security.
  • IPRI : Islamabad Policy Research Institute 
    Dedicated to undertaking analyses and evaluations of important national and international politico-strategic issues and developments affecting Pakistan, South Asia, and the world affairs.
  • PILdAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency)
    An independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit indigenous research and training institution with the mission to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan.
  • PIPS - Pak Institute for Peace Studies 
    Conducts wide range of research and analysis of political , social and religious conflicts that have a direct bearing on both national and international security.
  • Pakistan Institute of Development Economics 
    Devoted to theoretical and empirical research in Development Economics in general and on Pakistan-related economic issues in particular.
  • Social Policy and Development Centre
    SPDC is a non-profit, policy research institute
    and has made significant intellectual contribution in placing issues of pro-poor growth and social development on Pakistan's policy making agenda.

Sri Lanka

  • Centre for Policy Alternatives 
    Based in Sri Lanka, the primary role envisaged for the Centre is a pro-active and interventional one, aimed at the dissemination and advocacy of policy alternatives for non-violent conflict resolution and democratic governance.
  • Marga Institute (Centre for Development Studies)
    It seeks to fulfill the leadership role in defining the norms, processes and policies that identify the model of human development for Sri Lanka through multidisciplinary research and analysis and a national dialogue on development issues. 
  • Regional Centre for Strategic Studies 
    An independent, non-profit NGO for collaborative research, networking and interaction on strategic and international issues pertaining to South Asia.

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Prepared by Gary Hausman, South Asian Studies Librarian.