1935 Census of Agriculture

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Reports for States, with Statistics for Counties and a Summary for the United States. 3 vol.
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    Includes maps of each state, showing counties, principal cities and rivers.
    • Volume 1
      Farms, Farm Acreage and Value, and Selected Livestock and Crops.
      New York - pp. 49-65
    • Volume 2
      Second Series. Farms and Farm Acreage by Size, Land of Part Owners, Farm Population, Dwellings, Labor, Years on Farm, Part-time Work; Specified Livestock and Livestock Products; Annual Legumes, Vegetables, Fruits, and Miscellaneous Crops; and Irrigated Crop Land.

      New York - pp. 59-76
    • Volume 3
      General Report. Statistics by Subjects.
  • United States Census of Agriculture: 1935. Statistics by Counties. Farms, Farm Acreage and Value, and Selected Livestock and Crops. 48 pts. in 1 vol.
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  • Chickens and Chicken Eggs by Size of Flock for the United States, Divisions and States, 1935 and 1930.
    No holdings
  • Descriptive Supplement. Technique of Tabulation.
    No holdings
  • Part-time Farming in the United States. Special Study.
    No holdings
  • Farm Mortgage Indebtedness in the United States (Detailed Summary). [1930-1935] Co-operative Survey.
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An agricultural census of Puerto Rico was also conducted in 1935, separately from the U.S. census.  Columbia University Library holdings are as follows:

  • Censo de Puerto Rico: 1935: PoblacĂ­on y Agricultura.
    317.295 Un322 1935a - Offsite
  • Censo de Puerto Rico: 1935. Agricultura, Fincas, Propiedad, AgrĂ­cola, Cultivos y Animales in Fincas.
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