1987 Census of Agriculture

The 1987 Census of Agriculture was issued in four volumes. The U.S. Government Documents collection in Lehman Library has a complete set. Detailed holdings are described below.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Volume 1
    State and County Data. 56 pt.
    C 3.31/4: 987/v.1/pt.1-56 - U.S. Government Documents
    Consists of one part for each state, the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Contains state and county data. Includes a map of each state, showing counties.
    • Pt. 32: New York
  • Volume 2
    Subject Series. 6 pt.
    C 3.31/12: 987/v.2/pt.1-6 - U.S. Government Documents
    New York: pp. 364-385
    • Pt. 1: Agricultural Atlas of the United States
      Almost entirely maps, many in color.
      Also has map transparencies (2) in pocket of inside back cover: Boundaries for the 1987 Census of Agriculture.
    • Pt. 2: Coverage Evaluation
    • Pt. 3: Ranking of States and Counties
    • Pt. 4: History
    • Pt. 5: Government Payments and Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold
    • Pt. 6: ZIP Code Tabulations of Selected Items
  • Volume 3
    Related Surveys.
    2 pt.
    C 3.31/12: 987/v.3/pt.1-2
    - U.S. Government Documents
    • Pt. 1: Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey (1988)
    • Pt. 2: Agricultural Economics and Land Ownership Survey (1988)
  • Volume 4
    Census of Horticultural Specialties (1988)
    C 3.31/12: 987/v.4 - U.S. Government Documents

The Electronic Data Service also has the 1987 Census of Agriculture available on CD-ROM:

  • 1987 Census of Agriculture, Geographic Area Series, State Data File, County Data File.
    C 3.277:AG 8/987/CD/v.1/rev.2 - Electronic Data Service
    Technical documentation at: C 3.277:AG 8/987/doc - EDS