Depository CD-ROMs and DVDs


  • Titles are in SUDOC number order.
  • All items located in the U.S. Government Documents collection are shelved in Lehman Reserves and must be requested there.
  • All items located in EDS must be retrieved by staff, unless otherwise noted.
  • Most of the CD's have retrieval software on the disc. In other cases, software is on separate floppy disks filed w/the CD.
  • Unless otherwise noted, each title consists of 1 disc.
  • Titles formerly received on floppy disc are now available online from the Floppy Disk Project, maintained by the Indiana University Library.

Library Location Key

  • AVE = Avery Library
  • BIO = Biology Library
  • U.S. Government Documents = Located in Lehman Library Reserves
  • EDS = Electronic Data Service, Located in Lehman Library Room 215
  • ENG = Engineering Library
  • GEOSCIENCE = Geoscience Library, at Lamont-Doherty
  • HSL = Health Sciences Library, at 168th St.