Office of Personnel Management CD-ROMs

  • Model Language for Divorce and Legal Separations, Including Federal Retirement and Health Insurance Benefits.
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management. 1995.
    PM 1.8: At 8/995 - U.S. Government Documents
    Accompanies the publication "A Handbook for Attorneys on Court-Ordered Retirement, Health Benefits, and Life Insurance Under the Civil Service Retirement System, Federal Employees Retirement System, Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program"; with the same SUDOC number.
  • Addressing and Resolving Poor Performance: an Interactive Tool for Supervisors.
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management. 1998.
    PM 1.59:AD 2 - U.S. Government Documents
  • Leadership Guide, FY2005.
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management. [2004?].
    PM 1.59:L 47/CD - U.S. Government Documents
  • Interactive Catalog of Products and Services. Version 1.0 Winter 1998-99.
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Employment Service. 2002.
    PM 1.59:M 31/CD - U.S. Government Documents
  • HRCD (Human Resources CD).
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Semiannual. 1996-
    PM 1.59/2:[yr,no] - U.S. Government Documents
    Contains GS Classification Standards, FWS Job Grading Standards, GS Qualifications Standards, Significant Classification Appeal Decisions.
    Keep latest two issues only.