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  • Population of the City of New York, 1890-1930.
    Cities Census Committee, Inc., New York.
    New York City, Cities Census Committee, Inc. <c1932>
    HA 730 .N5 C5 1930 - Lehman Reference
    HA 730 .N5 C5 1932a - Business Reference
    Compiles population data from Federal censuses, 1790-1930, and from New York State censuses, 1855-1925. Contains six general sections: City of New York, Its Regions and the Nation; Population Changes in Census Tracts, 1905-1930; Breakup of Congestion, 1905-1930; Nativity and Color of the City's Population, 1890-1930; Religious Composition of the City, 1855-1930; Distribution by Age-Periods of the City's Population, 1855-1930.
  • Dubester's U.S. Census Bibliography with SuDocs Class Numbers and Indexes.
    Cook, Kevin L.
    Englewood, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1996.
    R016.3173 C772 - Butler Reference
    Z 7553.C3 C66 1996 - Lehman Reference
    Covers the 1790-1940 censuses, with a complete list of all census publications. Particularly useful for identification of the multiplicity of items in censuses after 1870.
  • Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000.
    Washington : Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, 2002.
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  • Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790 to 1990.
    Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1996.
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  • Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1900-1940.
    Schulze, Suzanne.
    Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, 1985.
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  • Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920.
    Thorndale, William.
    Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1987.
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    HA 217 .T5 1987g - Lehman Reference
    Provides maps for each state showing changes in county boundaries for each census.
  • Topical Index of Population Census Reports, 1900-1930.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census.
    Washington, The Bureau, 1934.
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