Decennial Census Information: 1930 Census

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  • Fifteenth census of the United States taken in the year 1930. 29 vols.
    United States. Bureau of the Census.
    HA 201 1930 .U55 2003g - Butler Stacks
    Detailed description of 1930 depository print holdings.

    The complete set of 1930 census volumes is available in a reprint set, at the call number above.

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Reference Guides

  • Census Data With Maps for Small Areas of New York City, 1910-1960.
    Bowser, Benjamin P.
    Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Libraries : Distributed by Research Publications, 1981.
    HA 730 .N5 B68 1981 - Lehman Reference
    Includes not only the published census data for NYC, but also unpublished census data and special tabulation performed by the NYC Planning Dept. Levels include block, tract, and health area for 1910-1960, as well as assembly district, statistical area, and sanitation district for some earlier censuses. All data, including maps, are on microfilm (F d901) located in Lehman Library.
  • Population of the City of New York, 1890-1930.
    Cities Census Committee, Inc., New York.
    New York City, Cities Census Committee, Inc. <c1932>
    HA 730 .N5 C5 1930 - Lehman Reference
    HA 730 .N5 C5 1932a - Business Reference
    Compiles population data from Federal censuses, 1790-1930, and from New York State censuses, 1855-1925. Contains six general sections: City of New York, Its Regions and the Nation; Population Changes in Census Tracts, 1905-1930; Breakup of Congestion, 1905-1930; Nativity and Color of the City's Population, 1890-1930; Religious Composition of the City, 1855-1930; Distribution by Age-Periods of the City's Population, 1855-1930.
  • Dubester's U.S. Census Bibliography with SuDocs Class Numbers and Indexes.
    Cook, Kevin L.
    Englewood, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1996.
    R016.3173 C772 - Butler Reference
    Z 7553.C3 C66 1996 - Lehman Reference
    Covers the 1790-1940 censuses, with a complete list of all census publications. Particularly useful for identification of the multiplicity of items in censuses after 1870.
  • Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000.
    Washington : Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, 2002.
    HA 37.U55 M376 2002 - Lehman
  • Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790 to 1990.
    Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1996.
    HA 214 .F67 1996g - Lehman Reference
  • Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1900-1940.
    Schulze, Suzanne.
    Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, 1985.
    R317.3 Sch853 - Butler Reference
    Z 7164 .D3 S45 1985 - Lehman
  • Topical Index of Population Census Reports, 1900-1930.
    U.S. Bureau of the Census.
    Washington, The Bureau, 1934.
    R317.3 Un76801 - Butler Reference
  • Heads of Families by Color and Nativity and Country of Birth of Foreign Born Head, by Health Areas, New York city, 1930 ...
    Welfare Council of New York City. Research Bureau.
    New York : The Council, 1934.
    MICROFLM F b4873 - Periodicals & Microforms Reading Room