Decennial Census Information: 1940 Census Detailed Holdings

The final reports of the 1940 Census were published in several series: Population, Housing, Population and Housing, Agriculture, Business, General, Geography, Manufactures, Maps, Mineral Industries, and Territories and Possessions. Some series are numbered, others are unnumbered. For a complete list of unnumbered reports, refer to Dubester's U.S. Census Bibliography.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.



  • Volume I
    Data for small areas. Selected housing statistics for States, counties, and minor civil divisions; for urban and rural areas; for incorporated places; and for metropolitan districts.
    2 pt.
    HA 201 1940 .H6 2005g, v.1, pt. 1,2 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
  • Volume II
    General characteristics. Occupancy and tenure status, value of home or monthly rent, size of household and race of head, type of structure, exterior material, year built, conversion, state of repair, number of rooms, housing facilities and equipment, and mortgage status.
    5 pt.
    HA 201 1940 .H6 2005g, v.2, pt. 1-5 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
  • Volume III
    Characteristics by monthly rent or value.
    3 pt.
    HA 201 1940 .H6 2005g, v.3, pt. 1-3 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
  • Volume IV
    Mortgages on owner-occupied nonfarm homes.
    3 pt.
    HA 201 1940 .H6 2005g, v.4, pt. 1-3 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
  • [Volume 5]
    Supplemental reports.

    HA 201 1940 .H62 2005g, v.5 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
  • Housing. Characteristics by type of structure. Regions, States, cities of 100,000 or more, and principal metropolitan districts.
  • Housing. Index of reports.
  • [Volume 6]
    Supplemental reports.

    HA 201 1940 .H62 2005g, v.6 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
    • Population and housing. Families. Characteristics of rural-farm families. Regions and divisions.
    • Population and housing. Families. General characteristics. States, cities of 100,000 or more, and metropolitan districts of 200,000 or more.
    • Population and housing. Families. Income and rent. Regions and metropolitan districts of 1,000,000 or more.
    • Population and housing. Families. Tenure and rent. Regions, cities of 1,000,000 or more, and metropolitan districts of 500,000 or more.
  • Housing. Block statistics. 191 pt. in 11 vols.
    HA 201 1940 .H62 2005g, v.5, pt.1-11 - Butler Stacks Non-circulating
    AA 7545 Un336 - Avery (New York City Only)
    For each city, there are maps showing census tracts and blocks.
  • Population and housing. Statistics for health areas: New York City.
    060 Un322213 - Offsite
    HB 3505 .Un3155 1940 Q - Health Sciences

Agriculture, Irrigation, & Drainage



  • U.S. life tables and actuarial tables, 1939-1941.
    317.3 Un7905 - Offsite
  • Vital statistics rates in the U.S., 1900-1940.
    No holdings




  • Drainage - Map of United States showing location of land in drainage enterprises.
    No holdings
  • Housing. Analytical maps ... Block statistics. 96 pt. in 6 vols.
    C 3.226:940/M 3/2/A-Ch,Ci-G,H-M,N-P,R-S,T-Y - U.S. Government Documents
    Maps were issued for each city with 100,000 inhabitants or more, for: Average Rent, Major Repairs & Bathing Equipment, Year Built, Nonwhite Households, Persons per Room, Owner Occupancy, and Mortgage Status.
    N-P: Contains maps for all five boroughs, under New York City
  • United States [County outline map of United States].
    No holdings
  • United States. Irrigation by drainage basins, 1939, 17 Western States, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida [map].
    No holdings
  • United States. Minor Civil Divisions [map].
    No holdings
  • United States.Population density maps by minor civil divisions, 1940.
    No holdings

Mineral Industries

Territories and Possessions


  • Catalog of 16th Decennial Census Publications.
    No holdings
  • Instructions to District Supervisors: Housing.
    C 3.227:940/I 2/H 1 - Offsite
  • Instructions to District Supervisors on Population, Agriculture, Irrigation, and Administrative Procedure.
    C 3.227:940/I 2/P 1 - Offsite
  • Instructions to Enumerators for Business and Manufactures.
    C 3.227:940/I 3/B 1 - Offsite
  • Instructions to Enumerators: Housing.
    C 3.227:940/I 3/H 1 - Offsite
  • Instructions to Enumerators: Population and Agriculture.
    C 3.227:940/I 3/P 1 - Offsite
  • Key to the Published and Tabulated Data for Small Areas (Preliminary).
    C 3.227:940/K 2 - Offsite