Decennial Census Information: 1950 Census Detailed Holdings

The final reports of the 1950 Census were published in two series, one for Population and one for Housing. The reports in Lehman Library are incomplete for Population, complete for Housing.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.



  • Volume I
    General Characteristics.
    7 pts.
    HA 201 1950 .A6, v.1, pts.1-7 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume contains data on practically all subjects enumerated in the 1950 Census of Housing. Part 1 presents statistics on the general characteristics of dwelling units for continental U.S., regions, and geographic divisions, as well as summaries of the statistics for the States and the District of Columbia, standard metropolitan areas, cities of 100,000 inhabitants or more, and urbanized areas. In the State chapters (Parts 2 to 6), statistics are presented for the State by residence (urban, rural nonfarm, and rural farm), standard metropolitan areas, urbanized areas, counties, urban places, places of 1000 to 2500 inhabitants, and rural-nonfarm and rural-farm portions of counties. Part 7 presents statistics for Territories and possessions.
        Contains maps of Regions and Geographical Divisions for the U.S., and for each State, maps of Standard Metropolitan Areas, Counties, and Urbanized Areas.
  • Volume II
    Nonfarm Housing Characteristics.
    5 pts.
    HA 201 1950 .A6, v.2, pts.1-5 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume contains analytical data for nonfarm occupied dwelling units. Part 1 contains the chapters for the U.S. and the nine geographic divisions. Parts 2-5 contain the chapters for the standard metropolitan areas and cities.
  • Volume III
    Farm Housing Characteristics.

    HA 201 1950 .A6, v.3 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume presents statistics on housing and household characteristics of rural-farm occupied dwellings for the U.S. and for each of the 119 economic subregions.
  • Volume IV
    Residential Financing.
    2 pts.
    HA 201 1950 .A6, v.4, pts.1,2 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume presents data relating to the characteristics of the financing of residential nonfarm properties for the U.S., for each of the four regions, and for each of 25 large standard metropolitan areas. Part 1 contains data on interrelationships of various characteristics of the property, the owner, and the mortgage for the U.S. and the four regions. Part 2 contains less extensive data for each of the 25 largest standard metropolitan areas.
  • Volume V
    Block Statistics.
    213 pts. in 7 vols.
    HA 201 1950 .A6, v.5, pts.1-213 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume consists of separate reports for each of the 209 cities which in 1940, or in a subsequent census prior to 1950, had a population of 50,000 or more. Each report presents for the city, by blocks, tabulations for a limited number of subjects obtained in the Census of Housing.
        Maps are at the end of each part, for either Blocks, Wards and Blocks, or Census Tracts and Blocks.
    Also have: Pts. 126-130, cop.2
  • Special Tabulations for Local Housing Authorities. 221 pts.
    No holdings.
    There was no tabulation issued for New York City.
  • United States. Bureau of the Census.
    Procedural Studies of the 1950 Censuses.
    HA 203 .Un3 - Offsite

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