Decennial Census Information: 1960 Census Detailed Holdings

The final reports of the 1960 Census were published in two series, one for Population and one for Housing, which were both supplemented by a series of Census Tract Reports. The reports in Lehman Library are essentially complete, including tract maps with blocks indicated. Numerous supplementary reports were also issued, including Evaluation and Research Program reports, Procedural Studies, and the Census Monograph Series. Columbia University Libraries has copies of most of these, located in various libraries as indicated below.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York City or State are highlighted.



  • Volume I
    States and Small Areas, HC(1).
    55 pts. in 6 vols.
    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.1/pt.1-55 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This series consists of 55 reports -- one for each State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and a U.S. summary.
    Each report contains a map of the State showing SMSAs, Counties, and places of 10,000 or more.
  • Volume II
    Metropolitan Housing, HC(2).
    202 pts. in 7 vols.
    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.2, pt.1-202 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This series consists of 202 reports -- one for each standard metropolitan statistical area (SMSA) with 100,000 inhabitants or more, one for each of the nine geographic divisions, and one for the U.S.
    • Pt. 128: New York SMSA
  • Volume III
    City Blocks, HC(3).
    421 pts. in 23 vols.
    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.3, pt.1-421 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This series consists of 421 reports -- one for each city having 50,000 inhabitants or more in the 1950 Census or in a subsequent special census conducted by the Bureau, and for each of about 200 smaller places which arranged for inclusion in the block statistics program. There is no summary or combined report for this series.
        Each report includes a map showing all blocks.  Have also: Pt. 273-276, cop.2.
    • Pt. 273: Bronx
    • Pt. 274: Brooklyn
    • Pt. 275: Manhattan (2 maps)
    • Pt. 276: Queens (2 maps)
    • Pt. 277: Richmond (2 maps)
  • Volume IV
    Components of Inventory Change, HC(4).

    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.4, pt. 1A, 1B, 2 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume consists of two parts, the first dealing primarily with changes in the housing inventory from April 1950 to December 1959, and the second with changes occuring in the period January 1957 to December 1959.
  • Volume V
    Residential Finance.

    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.5, pt.1,2 - Lehman Non-Circulating
  • Volume VI
    Rural Housing, Economic Subregions.

    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.6 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume is confined to housing in rural areas. Data are presented for the U.S. and for each of 121 economic subregions, bound as a single report.
  • Volume VII
    Housing of Senior Citizens.

    HA 201 1960 .A6, v.7 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This volume presents data for person 60 years old and over, households with one or more such persons, and housing units at which the occupants include at least one such person.
    • New York State: p.220
    • New York SMSA: p.222
  • Special Reports for Local Housing Authorities, HC(S1). 139 pts. in 4 vols.
    HA 201 1960 .A63, pts.1-139 - Lehman Non-Circulating
    This series is a supplement to the 1960 Census of Housing, arranged at the request of the Public Housing Administration. Each report was made at the request of a local housing authority or other local government agency, which specified the area to be covered and paid the cost of the operations required. The series consists of individual reports for 139 areas, plus a summary report.
        Note: New York City is not one of the areas covered in this series.

Censuses of Population and Housing (PHC)

Evaluation and Research Program of the Censuses of Population and Housing: 1960 (ER60) 11 reports.

Procedural Studies of the 1960 Censuses

Other Census Reports

Census Monograph Series

  • Changing Characteristics of the Negro Population.
    E 185.86 .P7 - Business
    SM63 P945 - Burke
  • Education of the American Population.
    LA 205 .F6 - Offsite
  • Income Distribution in the United States.
    HC 110.I5 M615 - Business
    HC 110.I5 M494 - Offsite
    339.2 U58 - Social Work
  • People of Rural America.
    HB 2385 .H35 - Offsite
  • People of the United States in the 20th Century.
    HB 3505 .T32 - Offsite
    HB 3505 .T19 1971 - Health Sciences
  • Population Mobility within the United States.
    317.3 Sh87 - Offsite
    317.3 Sh87 - Butler