Decennial Census Information: 1990 Census

Columbia Holdings

  • 1990 Census volumes (complete set)
    HA 201 1990 ... - Lehman Library stacks
    Detailed description of 1990 depository print holdings.

    The library also has the complete set of depository CD-ROMs with downloadable files of all 1990 Census data, located in the Electronic Data Service in Lehman Library.
    Detailed description of 1990 depository CD-ROM holdings.
  • 1990 Census of Population and Housing : Summary Tape File 3.
    New York, N.Y. : Port Authority of N.Y. & N.J., Office of Business Development, Strategic Information Resource Group, 199?
    HA 547 .N5 A15 1990z - Lehman
    Consists of printouts of the sample data for population & housing, for each of the 26 counties in the NY/NJ metro region, and for NYC as a whole. Each printout is 29 pages long.
  • The Data Service provides access to data files for the 1990 Census. Sources include: online data extraction, GIS products, CD-ROMs and FTP files. For full description, see the Data Service guide, Census 1990: A Guide to Census Resources.

Web Information

Reference Guides

  • Using the 1990 U.S. Census for Research.
    Barrett, Richard Edward.
    Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c1994.
    HA 201 1990ad - Lehman Reference
  • Moving Power and Money: the Politics of Census Taking.
    Bryant, Barbara Everitt.
    Ithaca, N.Y. : New Strategist Publications, c1995.
    HA 37 .U62 B79 1995g - Lehman
  • Looking for the Last Percent: the Controversy Over Census Undercounts.
    Choldin, Harvey M.
    New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press, c1994.
    HA 214 .C57 1994 - Lehman
  • Demographic Profiles: a Portrait of New York City's Community Districts from the 1980 & 1990 Censuses of Population and Housing.
    New York : Dept. of City Planning, 1992.
    HA 730 .N5 D45 1992g - Lehman Reference
    AA9127 N4So1 N43 - Avery Reference
    HA 548.N5 D45 1992g - Social Work
    Community District Profiles
    An interactive site with maps of each Community District, showing land use, and statistics on population, vital statistics, income support, land use, and population & housing unit changes. 
  • Understanding the Census: a Guide for Marketers, Planners,Grant Writers, and Other Data Users.
    Lavin, Michael R.
    Kenmore, N.Y. : Epoch, 1996.
    HA 37.U55 L38 1996g - Lehman
    HA 37.U55 L38 1996g - Lehman Electronic Data Service
  • Atlas of the 1990 Census.
    Mattson, Mark T.
    New York : Macmillan Publishing, c1992.
    G 1201.E2 M3 1992 - Lehman
    G 1201.E2 M3 1992 - Lehman Atlas Collection
    G 1201.E2 M3 1992 - Health Sciences Reference
  • Measuring America: The Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000.
    Washington : Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, 2002.
    HA 37.U55 M376 2002 - Lehman
  • New York City in the 1980's : a Social, Economic, and Political Atlas.
    Mollenkopf, John H.
    New York : Simon & Schuster, 1993.
    G 1254 .N4 E1 M6 1993 - Lehman, Milstein
    R978N48 M73 - Butler Reference
    AA9127 N4So1 M73 - Avery Reference
  • Who We Are : a Portrait of America Based on the Latest U.S. Census.
    Roberts, Sam.
    New York, NY : Times Books, 1995.
    HA 201 1990l - Lehman
    HA 201 1990k - Offsite
  • Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790 to 1990.
    Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1996.
    HA 214 .F67 1996g - Lehman Reference
  • Socioeconomic Profiles : a Portrait of New York City's Community Districts from the 1980 & 1990 Censuses of Population and Housing.
    New York : Dept. of City Planning, 1993.
    HA 730 .N5 S73 1993g - Lehman Reference
    AA7544 N48 So13 - Avery Reference
  • Strength in Numbers: Your Guide to 1990 Census Redistricting Data.
    Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1990.
    C 3.6/2:N 91 - Offsite
  • Geographic Areas Reference Manual.
    United States. Bureau of the Census.
    Washington, D.C. : Bureau of the Census, 1994.
    HA 214 .U68 1994 - Lehman
  • U.S. Census Monitoring Board: Congressional Members
    U.S. Census Monitoring Board: Presidential Members

    The Board has released numerous studies of 1990 census data. 
  • Decennial Census: 1990 Results Show Need for Fundamental Reform.
    United States. General Accounting Office.
    Washington, D.C. : GAO, 1992.