1997 Economic Census

The results of the 1997 Economic Census were issued in print, CD-ROM, and on the internet. Detailed holdings are described below.

There are two detailed accounts of the 1997 Economic Census, with information on how it was conducted, tabulated, and published, along with copies of the questionnaires and codes:

An entire issue of Government Information Quarterly was devoted to the publication of a Symposium on the 1997 Economic Census. All of the papers were written by members of the staff of the U.S. Census Bureau:

Print Holdings

The Business Library has only the print summary volumes from the 1997 Economic Census. For publications in Construction, Manufactures, Mining, Retail Trade, Transportation, and Wholesale Trade, consult those individual web pages. For Services, which was broken up into several series, print holdings are listed below. For online access to other publications from the 1997 Economic Census, go directly to the 1997 Economic Census web page.

Other printed reports:

Internet Information

  • 1997 Economic Census
    U.S. Census Bureau

    The full text of all the reports is available (in PDF format), as well as the data tables in HTML, explanatory materials and links to related sites.

    You can also access the data via American FactFinder.

CD-ROM Holdings

All of the data from the 1997 Economic Census are being released on CD-ROM:

  • ECON97 Report Series: Economic Census.
    HA 201 1997 .E36 2000g - Electronic Data Service
    • vol. 1 - NAICS Report Series
    • vol. 2 - Special Series (mostly SIC)
    • vol. 3 - ZIP Code Statistics