1935 Census of Manufactures

The 1935 Biennial Census of Manufactures was issued in one volume and two supplements.

Tables specifically about New York are highlighted. Specific industry tables generally include summary data by state.

  • Biennial Census of Manufactures 1935.
    HD 9724 .Un31 - Business
    C 3.24/4:935 - Offsite
    Includes chapters on: General Explanations; General Summary; Individual Industries, by Groups.
    Summary by Geographic Divisions and by States - p. 20
    Summary for Industrial Areas: New York City - p. 39
  • Supplement 1
    Wage Earners, State Summaries by Industries; Industrial Areas; Power Laundries.
    HD 9724 .Un31 - Business
    New York State - 6 pp.
    New York City - 5 pp.
  • Supplement 2
    State Summaries by Cities.
    HD 9724 .Un31 - Business
    New York State - 13 pp.
    Includes thematic maps.

The following publication is also available:

  • Census of Manufactures: Man-hour Statistics for 59 Selected Industries.
    263 Un36 - Offsite