1937 Census of Manufactures

The 1937 Biennial Census of Manufactures was issued in two volumes. Detailed holdings are described below.

Tables specifically about New York are highlighted. Specific industry tables generally include summary data by state.

  • Biennial Census of Manufactures 1937. 2 pts.
    HD 9724 .Un31 - Business
    C 3.24/4:933 - U.S. Government Documents
    • Part 1
      General Explanations, General Summary, Industries by Groups
      Summary for Industrial Areas: New York City - p. 40
      States by Industries: New York State - p. 1388-1394, 1500-1503
      States, by Cities and Counties: New York City-Newark-Jersey City - p. 1553-1559
    • Part 2
      Summary for Cities; Summary of Inventories, by Industries, for the United States; Summary of Inventories, by States
      New York City - p. 75-78

The following publications are also available:

  • Census of manufactures: 1937. Industry classifications.
    060 Un3136 1937 - Offsite
  • Maps of Selected Industries Reported at the Census of Manufactures, 1937, Showing Location of Establishments, Wage Earners, Value Added by Manufacture.
    060 Un31365 - Offsite